Season 3 Episode 24

Revelations (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2001 on The WB

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  • Story #70: Revelations Pt.2

    When We Last Saw Sakura She Has Just Transformed The Remaining Clow Cards

    But Only 6 Has Been Changed

    And Now The Last 2 Of The Clow Cards Remain.

    As You Recall Yue And Kero Were About

    To Help Out Sakura By Going Inside Her Star Staff

    And That With Their Powers

    The Last 2 Cards Can Be Changed.

    However Eli Tells Sakura That's Their Only Chance

    Then Again If Sakura Doesn't Change The Last 2 Clow Cards

    Both Yue And Kero Will Be Trapped Inside Her Staff

    For Enternity

    And It Could Mean The End For Everyone And The World.

    Anyway That's What's Going On

    And In This Story That's What Yue And Kero Were Planing To Do,

    But With Morning Approaching Quickly And Time Running Out

    There's No Telling What Could Happen

    And Sakura Was So Scared That She's Going To Lose Them For Sure

    Along With Everyone Else.

    Before They Can Attempt At What They're About To Do,

    Yue Tells Her That Both His Faith And Kero's Are In Her Hands

    They Believed In Her

    And Tells Her There's No Other Way

    Kero Then Said Believe In The Cards And Believe In Yourself

    Now That Sakura Knows That This Is The Only Chance

    And She Gets Only One Shot At This And There's No Way Back.

    Suddenly, Both Yue And Kero Went Inside

    Her Star Staff And When They Did

    It Becomes Larger In Size!

    Then Sakura Begins To Transform The Last Two Cards

    "The Light And Dark Cards"

    Saying: I Call Upon The Power Of My Star, Ancient Forces Near And Far

    "Light" And "Dark" Cards Discard Your Former Might And Draw Your Power From My Light! Star Card!

    As The "The Light And Dark Cards" Begin To Change It Looks Like

    She's Going To Break Eli's Spell Once And For All.

    But Then As Just When Hope Was Running Out

    Li Grabs Her Staff From Behind

    Attempting To Channel His Powers Through Her

    Sakura Tells Him That He'll Fall Into A Spell

    But Li Says To Her Not To Worry And That He Has Faith In Her.

    Now With Both Li's Power Combined With Sakura's Power

    They Had Managed To Succeed In Transforming

    "The Light And Dark Cards" Into Star Cards

    Then Finally By Using "The Light Card"

    "The Light"'s Form Appears In The Sky Using Her Power

    To Cause The Spell Of Darkness To Disappear Forever.

    So, The World Is Finally Saved Thanks To Li And Sakura

    Who Worked Together To Break The Terrible Spell

    With A Little Help From Kero And Yue

    Who Later Comes Out Of Sakura's Star Staff Unharmed

    Not Only That But The Strange Disturbances

    Are No Longer Happening And So It's Finally Over.

    Now That The Spell Was Broken Everyone And Everything

    Are Not Asleep Any Longer

    Suddenly Eli, Ruby And Spinner Came Floating Down

    To The Ground

    Then Tells Her That The Star Cards Belong To Her

    And It's Hers Alone

    Then All The Star Cards Begin To Float All Around Her

    Realizing That She Has Transformed All The Clow Cards

    With Her Inner Star's Power.

    Meanwhile In Sakura's Classroom At School

    The Following Morning,

    Mr. Terada Comes In And Makes An Annoucement

    First Eli Moon Is Going Back To England Overseas

    So He's No Longer Attending Sakura's School.

    Later Just After School

    Sakura, Li And Madison Were Walking

    Towards Eli's House

    And As The Group Walks Inside

    They See A Huge Dinning Table

    With Eveything On Top

    Dishes, Silverware And The Whole 9 Yards

    Then They See Eli Sitting In The Big Red Chair

    And It Looks Like The 7 Of Them Are Having A Tea Party

    With Some Cake Too.

    While The Group Sits Down

    Sakura Demanded To Know Why Eli Has Caused

    These Strange Happenings In The First Place

    Eli Replied:

    You Know That You'll Have Many Challenges To Face

    When You Became A Mistress Sakura.

    Then The Flashback Appears From Story #46

    When She Changed Her Clow Staff Into

    Her Star Staff

    Eli Then Said That She Has To Use A Different Chant

    To Use Her Inner Star's Power.

    Another Flashback Appears

    From Story # 48

    When The Water Tornadoes Suddenly Appear

    Out Of Nowhere Attempting To Drown

    Everyone But Sakura Would

    Never Allow That To Happen To Them

    Then Found Out What She Did Wrong

    The Star Key Didn't Work Because

    She Used The Wrong Chant So

    Sakura Now Has To Use A New One Instead

    Since Her Staff Had Changed And So Did The Book

    The Cards Had To Change As Well.

    Eli Then Said That When She Tried To Tranform

    8 Of Them At Once

    Flashback From Story #53

    He Then Said That It Was A Lesson For Her

    In Being Patient.

    Kero Then Tells Eli That He Did That On Purpose

    So That She Can Transform Them All

    Eli Then Said That Since There Was Little Time

    Left The Cards Must Be Drawn From Their

    New Master Or Mistress

    Without It Then The Clow Card's Magic Would Be Lost.

    Another Flashback Appeared

    Of When Sakura Was Battling

    The Giant Teddy Bear In Story #51

    And How She Used "The Fly Card"

    But She Needed To Use Her Staff

    By Using "The Sword Card"

    Which Is Why Sakura Has Wings

    On Her Back So That She Can Fly

    And After That Her Staff Became A Sword

    To Chop Off The Giant Bear's Ear.

    Sakura Said To Eli That He Gave Her The Wings

    Then Eli Tells Sakura That He Has Acted

    With Clow Reed's Will And He Need The Clow Cards

    For Her To Control,

    But He Wasn't Alone

    In Other Words: Someone Else Was Helping Him!

    And Guess Who It Was:

    None Other Than Miss Layla McKenzie Herself!

    Now With 8 Of Them At The Table

    Miss McKenzie Explained That While

    She's In England Overseas She Has To

    Prepare Eli For This Mission

    To Help sakura In Her Quest That Has Now


    Sakura Then Has A Flashback

    When In Story #46 Sakura

    Was Trapped Inside The Enchanted Vines

    Caused By Yue After She Used "The Wood Card"

    Everyone Was Calling Her Name

    And After Snapping Out Of A Trance

    Sakura Broke Free When Miss McKenzie Was Holding A Moon Bell

    At The Time Has Now Disappeared.

    Miss McKenzie Then Said

    The Reason Why She Helped Sakura Is By Under One

    Condtion By Keeping The Mission A Secret

    From Sakura.

    As Eli Stepped Out In The Hallway With Yue

    It Seems That Yue Demaned Some Answers From Eli

    If He Was Clow Reed's Incarnation Then Why Were

    Both Kero And He Were Forced To Choose A New

    Master Or Mistress Whichever The Case.

    Eli Replied That Yue Has Already Known The Answer

    And Even Though He Has Some Memory Of His Past Life

    But He's Not Clow Reed And He's No Longer

    On This Earth

    That's Why Both Yue And Kero Are Sakura's Guardians

    Like They Are Now.

    Then Eli Confessed To Yue His Reason For

    Being So Tough On Sakura

    Is To Make Sure That She Was Worthy Enough

    To Be His Master Or Mistress Whichever The Case

    And Both He And Kero Had Done Well In Choosing Her

    Eli Then Said That Clow Reed Needed Him To Test Her

    That Was His Wish And Now It's Yue's Choice To

    Protect Her.

    That Afternoon,

    Sakura Sees Li Standing In The Walkway Towards

    The Mansion

    Then They Decided To Talk To Each Other On The Bridge

    Sakura Wondered Why He Was Upset

    Li Tells Sakura That Just The Day Before

    He Received A Call From His Mother

    Then He Tells His Mother

    Now That All Of The Clow Cards Has Been Changed

    The Strange Distubances Has Now Been Stopped.

    Then Li Tells Sakura That His Mother Tells Him

    That It Was Time For Him To Return To

    Hong Kong The Following Weekend

    Since Sakura's A New Mistress Now

    He'll No Longer Be Needed

    But Sakura Tells Li That If It Wasn't For

    Him And His Powers To Help Transform The Final 2

    Clow Cards That The World Would've Came To An End

    And She Wishes That Li Could Stay.

    Meanwhile Inside Sakura's House,

    Sakura Now In Her Upstairs Bedroom

    Looks Out The Window And Has Come To Terms

    That Li Has Left To Go Back To His Home

    For Good And She Started To Cry.

    Then Sakura's Tear Touches Her Bedroom Floor

    And As Her Magical Circle Appeared

    On The Floor Something Amazing Happens

    A New Star Card That Was Clasped Inside Sakura's Hand

    That Came From Her Tear

    Finally She Turns It Over And Says To Herself:

    "Maybe There Is Hope"

    Which Is Now A Name Given To Her

    New Star Card And That's Called:

    "The Hope Card"

  • The final battle to determine the Master of all Cardcaptors.

    The last episode to wrap things up for the Cardcaptors series! So sad, so painful. Cry everyone! :cry:

    Sakura is worried that she won't be able to transform the cards, even with KeroBeros and Yue's help. She knows that if she can't, they'll die and everyone will sleep forever. Now transforming them, she tries harder and the cards transform and she sets the Light card out. The world is brightened. Everyone wakes up and KeroBeros and Yue come out of the staff, causing it to turn back. Eli disappeared with Spinner and Ruby. Next day, when they go to Eli's house, Eli tells them that he was there to see if Sakura was worthy with the cards. Since Eli couldn't do it, Miss MacKenzie was helping the whole time. Yue is wondering who will be their new master if Clow Reed is reincarnated. Now the next day, Li tells Sakura he's going back home and both feel sad. Now Sakura is crying in her room and with her tears, she created the Hope Card and realized there's hope. The series has ended and now the Cardcaptors adventures has ended.
  • I can't believe it's over!

    This is the final episode of Cardcaptors :(. Even though it is the final episode they made this series go out with a bang! I thought that this series would be great and it was. I loved how Sakura cried over Li leaving. They should have kissed! Well at least thier is "Hope" funny as that is the card she creates with her sadness. This series was great and you should watch this episode!
  • Sakura has saved the world from darkness, and passes the test to that Eli wanted gave her. They find out that these strange things happening in town was all a test to make sure that Sakura is really fit to be master. Li leaves for good, but Sakura sees ho

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! I can't believe that Cardcaptors is done for. I wish Clamp made more. I was a best! I loved each and every episode. A 4th season...or maybe a new series. But it'll never happen. I do have most of the episodes on tape so I can watch'em over again.