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  • A Classic

    Hey Viacom buy this show's english dub and please don't buy Squirrel Boy from Cartoon Network. You'll thank me. Besides this more underrated than those last minute entry that people consider a classic like Squirrel Boy, Shuriken School or Tak and The Power of Juju and don't get me started on Sidekick.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura

    It was the best anime when i was a kid. The romance, the action and fantasy is just perfect! This should be the best anime any one should watch. Plus all my friend love it.
  • BEST!

    Wow! When did this show come out? I think when I was in grade 3 or 4!

    Soo long ago! :S

    So I remember I hated Li @ the start even I still thought he was kinda cool. I love them together now. I even saw the 2nd movie! took forever to find it in English. If you guys have ever seen the manga/or the Jap. version...Um Maddison is a bit of a lesbian...Shes in lobe w Sakura...And Sakuras brother is gay?? IDK

    He was aways soo kool!
  • Older Fans VS younger fans

    by the time you're old enough to understand how much cardcaptors was altered from Card Captor Sakura you're also old enough to purchase the manga and subtitled anime. Cardcaptors just like sailor moon was altered to be made appropriate for a younger generation then it was initially designed for. When I was a teenager and this was on TV that really bothered me. Now I'm an adult with my own family and you know what this show is great for young children just as it was intended when it was dubbed. My daughter is 5 and some of the alterations I really wouldn't care if my daughter saw (like homosexuality) but I'm glad it was dubbed down for a younger generation because the crap on cable these days is horrible and you know what this is a great show, no it's not the same as the japanese anime or the manga but that means you get to enjoy it 3 times 3 different ways :)
  • This show is about a girl (Sakura) who accidentally releases the mystical Clowcards created by Clow Reed. She then becomes the cardcaptor, with the help of Kero to retrieve them.

    After a young girl named Sakura Avalon accidentally releases a series of magical cards encased within an ancient book called The Clow, she finds her life flipped, turned upside down as she attempts to recapture all of the cards before they can destroy the world. Sometimes rivals and sometimes allies, Sakura and a boy named Li Syaoran (Li Showron in the English dubbed version) try to recapture all of the Clow Cards before they wreak havoc upon the world.
    One day in early April, shortly after her birthday and only slightly into her fourth grade year, she discovers the Mysterious Clow Book.
  • This is my review

    Card captor sakura is about a girl named sakura kinomoto oh wait that is the japanese version :P

    Anyway i never watched this as a kid, but i did watch the japanese version and it was awesome. It had romance, friendship, humor and was just plain awesome. I decided to watch parts of the english version and i noticed a lot of differences. They totally murdered the romance between Sakura and shauron (the boy who also has clow card powers) . [don't know his english name :) ] Anyway it still is enjoyable but they cut out some great parts. Still if you can't stand subtitles or you can't find any decent translations of the japanese version i would give this a go. The biggest problem i had was that they took out the romance between Sakura and the other clow card user. In fact she admits her love to him in the second movie.

    Anyway hope i don't sound like a troll.

    i gives this an 8. 2 points off for the cut content.
  • Kero and sakura to the rescue, the fun filled drama that everybody loves[ almost everyone].

    Cardcaptores is about a girl named sakura who hears a strange noise in the basment. Sakura investigates and finds this clow book clowing. Her dad found it on the floor at his work and dicided to take it home. Sakura's dad put it in his bookshelf in the basment. And wierd enough no one could open this mysterios book. When Sakura the seal to this book broke. When sakura opened it it was a book of cards. When sakura looked at the first card whitch said windy, Sakura read this out loud and a wind started to appear. All the cards blow away. Sakura droops the book and a beast [small]. appeard. His name was Keroberous gardian beast of the clow cards. The cards where named and made a a powerful scorcer named clow read. That is the begining of a friendship and a new adventure.
    cutest character
    main character
    madison, sakura and kero
    funniest character
    thank you for reading
  • can you bring back cardcaptors in 2008

    i have seen all the cardcaptors episodes and movies is there a new 2008 episodes coming out it would be relly good if there were new episodes coming so can you please being new episodes out or is it the end of the cardcaptors is was such a good program it is the very best programe ever made so can you please send me sum informtion on the program so please please please please bring the program back i have rated it 10/10 if there is no new episodes coming out please tell me why thay are not bring a new episodes out it would upset me if there was no more cardcaptors coming out.
    My e-mail address is
    so please please please please please please please lease bringthe progam back i am shore lots of kids would like to see the program again.

    p.s bring the program back or why you are notbring it back send me a e-mail please if you are not.
  • i loved this show

    i did see part of the origanl but not much and it was better but this show was still very cool. i wish it wasn't cancelled because then all the shows we had were focused on boys not girls. why is it that more and more shows come out for them and not for us girls? i liked this show because it had a girl for the hero and a boy. there are shows that have not just boys but girl heros and they are cool but i think we need more shows for girls so that we can let them see that they can be heros as well. and if you pay attencion to the shows with boys as the hero most of the villions are girls. and when its a girl hero its has not just boy villions but girl ones as well and its a even number not an uneven number like with the boy heros shows were there tends to be more girls then boys as the villion. at lest it sems that why to me.
  • So, you are an anime enthusiast...?

    Right, so Cardcaptor Sakura... a well written story from Japan makes it to the television sets of many countries around the world including America, Canada, China, etc. It is dubbed into many different languages and lately, I have seen people getting so pissed over the dubbing, I am just about ready to go tell them to bug off. Here is what I have to say about the dubbing... particularly the Japanese to English dub as I have never seen it in any other language. Basically, what I have to say is that it was well-written, well animated and well voiced but here is my beef with the VOICES! Yes, the voices!

    Cardcaptor Sakura: Her voice in both Japanese AND English were both wonderful! Some say she sounded like a teenager in English but this makes me mad because Carly Mckillip, her respective voice actor is currently sixteen and around the time she recorded for Cardcaptors, she was considerably younger! So how she sounded like a teenager is beyond me! But enough about the actual age of the voice actor... to now look at the SOUND of the voice... lets put it in your, the anime-fan perspective... if you were to make Japanese Sakura speak English, she wouldn not sound like a (possibly) 9-10 year old fourth grader, she would sound like a FOUR YEAR OLD! And I am not saying that out of spite! I am saying that because English is a GERMANIC language that is tough and on a slightly lower scale whereas Japanese is a Eastern globe language where voices, pitches and accents are QUITE different. I feel Japanese Sakura was well-suited to her environment though and did an excellent job but you dare push Carly under just because you cannot give a creative critique of good voice actors who just try their hand at something to make it good!

    Tori, brother of Sakura: Both Japanese and English voice sounded pretty much the same. I have nothing to say really about this.

    Aidan, father of Sakura: His voice was well distinguishable from Tori so I do not know where people get off saying that his voice sounds just like Tori. I believe they have different voice actors and their dialogue is very different.

    Grandfather of Sakura: Never heard the Japanese voice so no comparing here!

    Mother of Sakura: Never heard the Japanese voice but I do not like the English one as it sounds JUST like the Light/Dark card. It is beautiful regardless but it was rather thoughtless of them to make the cards sound just like the mother unless it was intentional in the story but between seasons one and two, I do not see too much of a point in it.

    Madison/Tomoyo: Her voice actually sounds similar to the Japanese one... not too close... actually, hers is lower... but regardless, she was well dubbed.

    Kero: Ok, here is the one that pissed me off the most... he went from sounding drop-dead freaking cute in Japanese to as my friend calls him THE MAN in English. Here is what I have to say to that... both voices are GREAT! Infact, more than that! They are FABULOUS! But here is my beef... when dubbing anime/cartoons/so on, the voices do NOT have to sound the same as long as the voice FITS. I did not believe this to be so until I saw Toad Patrol (which incase it amuses you, is technically anime). My major example is Fur Foot going from sounding like a teenager (English) to sounding like a little boy (in a Spanish dub) but it still FIT! Now in a case like Panther Cap, he went from having a fabulous English voice to having a horrible Spanish voice. My major point is that I do not mind altered voices as long as they FIT. the voice of Kero FITS in both languages so stop going on about it! For future referance... learn to creatively critique voices or DO NOT comment!

    Keroberos: Voices sound similar in both languages. No comment.

    Julian/Yue: Ok, sorry to say... but he sounds like a woman in Japanese... he is supposed to be male but he sounds so female, it is inappropiate. English voices were both good in my opinion.

    Guess I will just leave comments for the major voices and hope you people get it.

    Oh, and before you guys start slapping me out, keep in mind that I myself am a voice actor, writer AND director and am currently making my own anime series and the reason I chose to comment is because I need to get you people to understand that I do not want folks making my series look bad by making awful comments about my voice actors! If the voice legitamently sucks than comment on how it could have been made better instead of just saying omfg! That voice sucks! The directors, writers, etc suck!

    One Last Note: Keep language in mind when commenting on dubbing.

    To conclude everything, I can relate well to my series as my mother passed away, I hang around the same friends usually and I have gone through most of what Sakura has gone through... except well... everything... haha... but you know what I mean. Hope my review helped!

    Thanks all!

    - Tinker
  • I love this show so mush and i really like the name Sakura ^_^

    The series follows Sakura Avalon, a 10-year-old school girl, and her classmate Li, who both possess magical powers. Once Sakura opened a book called "CLOW", she released the Clow Cards into the world. These cards have powers too and unless they are captured soon, they can unleash this power against the Earth. Kero (Keroberos), the guardian of the Clow Cards, aids Sakura in developing her magic and capturing the Clow Cards. Sakura's friend and classmate Madison, video records all Sakura's adventures in capturing the Clow Cards, and provides her with all her Battle Costumes. Then Sakura mets a Boy name Li he will help her along the way.
  • Well Sakura spread all the clow cards by mistake and Kero comes out of the book and their Cardcaptor adventures begins. After couple of months of gathering them she meets her rival named Showron Li and that's where things gets more interesting.

    Cardcaptors is a dubbed verison of Cardcaptor Sakura. I can't believe that Nelvana could do all of this they dubbed Beyblade and that wasn't good at all. It aired on Kids WB in the summer of 2000 and it started with episode eight instead of episode one. The reason we got that because Kids WB wanted the show to be aimed toward to guys and girls. Due to that we didn't see all of our favorite episodes of the series and it ruined it as well. We got thritynine episodes in the United States and we got them on VHS or DVD. Pros:

    +Still has it's charm from Cardcaptor Sakura +Still has a great storyline
    +Still has some great stuff


    -Medicore Voices
    -Horrible Theme Music
    -Skipped Episodes
    -Some Expressions of character doesn't not fit with their voices

    Well Cardcaptors is still a good series but not as good as the orignal made by the japaness. At least it's not made by 4kids we should be thankful for that. So anyway Cardcaptors aired the same two years but it's weaker and all the sudden Kids WB cannceled it. Well I don't mind of seeing it again on TV or maybe on VHS or DVD.
  • Cardcaptors was a series I loved at one point until I learned that it completely embarrassed the original.

    I remember in the fifth grade (2000), I became fond of Cardcaptors. I loved the story and the characters. At that age (10-years-old), I really did not pay attention to the corny voices, the bad music (though I sang them all the time, lol), and the confusing organization of the storylines (Kids WB, I remember, didn't air the episodes in order). I never realized how much different Cardcaptors and Cardcaptor Sakura are.

    Even though I dislike Cardcaptors now, I have to give it some credit. It became one of my top three favorite anime growing up (Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing). And, of course, it helped me find Cardcaptor Sakura, which I still love. Nelvana did a stupid job on Cardcaptors.
  • I watched this show in English...

    I watched the English version of this show, but I read that there was quite a bit of editing... and now that I think about it, sometimes they showed previews to the next episode, and then the next episode was something completely different! I used to get so confused by that, but I guess it was because of the editing and removed episodes. I thought this show was pretty decent when I watched it 7 years ago, but I don't like the name changes (such as Syaoran to Showron and Kinomoto to Avalon)... such changes were unnecessary. I think I might just have to watch this series again, but in Japanese.
  • CardCaptors is about a girl named Sakura who opens a book called The Clow and loses 51 of the 52 Clow Cards.Their guardian "Kero" gives her a key."Kero" tells Sakura that she is the CardCaptor and must get the other cards or the world would get destroyed.

    CardCaptors is about a 10-year old girl named Sakura Avalon.One day her father brings home a book with a lock.He couldn't open it so he left it in his basement on a shelf.One day when Sakura got home from school her brother Tori and her dad weren't there.She heard something and went down into the basement.The book was glowing.Sakura took it off the shelf.The book was called The Clow.Suddenly the lock opened.There were cards in the book.Sakura picked up one of the cards.She read,"Windy."Right then all of the other cards blew out of the book and dissappeared.She still had that one card.A yellow creature came out of the book and started talking.Sakura thought it was a talking stuffed animal.The creature's name was "Kero"beros.Kero told Sakura that she had to get all of the other 51 Clow cards(That's what their called) back.Kero gave her the Clow Key.Kero told Sakura that when she said Key of Clow,Power of Magic,Power of Light.Surrender the wand,The force ignite!Release!The Clow Key would turn into the Sealing Wand.Kero also told her that when she moved her body along with the Sealing Wand a certain way while saying Clow Card,Return to you rightful form!That the head of the Sealing Wand would end up in front of the Clow Card and that it would turn back into the card and go to it's rightful owner.Four of the the cards were element cards.The Windy card was one of them.The other three element cards are The Firey,The Watery, and The Earthy.
  • Well,it did introduce us to Carcaptor Sakura....

    Well,I know Cardcaptor Sakura was way better but come on,if it wasn't for the english dubs we wouldn't have seen,let alone heard of the Japanese versions,the dub wasn't nearly as bad as 4kids' One Piece and YuGiOh dubs,now those are FAR worse than this.I could name at least a few other dubs that are worse than this one.I remeber watching it on Toonami when it was on like 5-10 years ago,and liked it,then as I got older I saw the Japanese sub which was far better than what I saw as a kid.So basically it's not the best dub but it's not the worst so I give it a 7.5,Nuff said
  • A young girl with a destiny, a plush toy/guardian to help her, and a boy that keeps showing her up! Magic, life, and belief in ones self can describe this beautifully created story.

    Cardcaptors is a truly heartwarming experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their imagination, if only a little. However I do recommend the Japanese versions since you see the entirety of the episodes and you are able to read the translations exactly instead of by syllable matching. All the characters are cute in their own way; there are some exceptions though, Sukuras’ friend is a bit creepy at times but ah well. These characters find inventive and imaginative ways of combating each situation as it arises. The strength of these young ones is un-matched by many of us but it also teaches us that we are more than the sum of our parts. Above all else this story teaches us that we are capable of becoming more than what we are and that there are no boundaries to what we can do except for the ones we create ourselves. I truly do like this series primarily for the magic used in it but also because it is a heart warming tale. It is worth a look, Enjoy!
  • It's about a girl who accidentally scatters clow cards across town when she opens the book of clow. Sakura has to capture the clow cards with the help of Kero, the guardian of the book, and her best friend Madison, and Li, Clow's decendant

    Why did they have to cut out all of the good parts when they trnaslated it. All of the good Li/Sakura blushing and crush parts (pretty much just li) were cut out. But i still love the show!!!!!!!!!

    I would have given it a ten but you should watch Card Captor Sakura and see all of the differences between them beside language cuz Card Captor Sakura is in japanese
  • Cardcaptors is the fascinating story of ten-year old girl Sakura Avalon who has become a Cardcaptor chosen by Keroberos (Kero for short) the guardian beast of the seal.

    Although heavily panned by Cardcaptor Sakura fans Cardcaptors was one of the most famous animated series of it's time. I think Cardcaptors was really cool and I just hate Cardcaptor Sakura fans who think Cardcaptors is evil and should never be viewed by any one. Cardcaptors is way better than Cardcaptor Sakura. It had a better voice cast and I think with or without the Sakura and Li relationship it is definitely a must see. I especially like Kero and the fact that he loves candy so much.
  • well this show is really good a 5th grader name sukura who deals with all this........

    well this show about a girl name sukura who has to get all the cards and she has her rival li[this is the spelling i was told as his name] and there lots of drama for them trying to get the cards plus its a show for poeple who like amine too well if you are going to watch this show i would say watch the japeness version on ya they have it i watched the movies they were really good my favorite part of the show is li and sukura that make a great couple keep reading my reviews lol
  • cardcaptors is an anime about a young girl, called sakura, who accidently opens a book with magical cards sealed inside. She then has to go on a mission to reclaim them with the help of her friends Li, Madison, Maylin & Kero & later yue & miss Mckensie.

    At the start of this adventure sakura was very reluctant to go reclaim the cards. Kero does remind her that it was she who let them out in the first place. Later in the series she starts get a feel for it & grows more convident in her abilities. Shes a good athlete at school & is often competing with Li in school sports alot. Li does come in handy at times & does care about sakura but he just can't come out & say it. During the first bit of the series sakura would wear one of Madison's designs for her captures (apart from the first episode) but she doesnt wear them as much in the later part of the series. Sakura shows she can be brave after awhile which Li notices & decides to help har in about the second or third season. Kero is also impressed & proud that Sakura becomes the master of the cards.
  • This series is what i think of cardcaptors and it deserves another chance.This is one of my favorite animes of all time.

    Cardcaptors is one of my best watched animes i wish they could bring the series back. This series rocks. The entire series excerlent done superbly its decent its got a lot of action in it. Good animaters good voice actors too. This is awsome i would like to see her fighting evil this time useing the cards and her power. This if they ever make another season of the show it would make it far more interesting. I give this show 10/10 its well put together and excerlent storie line. It is an entertaining series to watch. Its number 1
  • oh i miss cardcaptors

    this show was one of my favorite shows when i was a kid. i just love how the cards come to life. i'm a huge cardcaptors fan. i even got the clow book. my favorite type of cards would be the water. they need to bring this show back. if they made another season they would get good ratings. i watch this show almost every weekend when i look at the cards. so i love cardcaptors!!!! lighting out
  • This show was the perfect show for me, i watched it every time it came on tv. I am glad that Nelvana dubbed Card Captor Sakura because the show was superb! Find out how to download it below

    Hi, i loved this show so much in 2001 that i feel sorry that i missed out on the movies. Today i still watch cardcaptors, i managed to find the english version by Nelvana using eMule. feel free to use it and find the shows, but it will take time, so be patient, if you really would like to watch cardcaptors again, you can find it on emule and you will have to use the Kad network to find it, it will have the mpg codec. your welecome if i was any help, Thanks. you can download the shows on eMule, so here is the website:

    or watch it online at: and search cardcaptors
  • A great tale of imagination love and adventure that keeps people on the edge of there seats time after time.

    I absolutely adore this show I think it should have gotten alot more credit than it recived and the only reason I am not sad about the tragic loss of this show is the fact that Tsubasa with the same crossover characters is running it is absolutely amazing and If you look around you can watch it in japanese or english online anyway back to the show it is fantastic I recomend watching it I give it a ten out of ten thanks for reading -the critick
  • La La La.......

    I like this show. It's very nice. It is about a girl named Sakura Avalon who accidentally releases the Clow Cards. She is alone at home. She hears something from the basement so she goes down to investigate. She thinks it’s a burglar. When she gets to the basement she sees a book glowing. She opens the book and inside it were cards. She picks up the first card and reads its name "Windy". All of a sudden it becomes windy and all the cards in the book fly away. After that a bear lion thing comes out of the book. He finds out that the cards have escaped and tells Sakura that she has to collect them since she released them. So Sakura has to collect them. Her friend Madison knows this secret and she like to give Sakura outfits for the capture and she likes to film Sakura. Later on, after a few episodes, there is a new kid named Li who has to collect the Cards too. At first Sakura and Li were rivals but then they became friends. There was also Meilin who decided to come and help Li collect the clow cards. She didn't really like Sakura until a long time. There is also the second a season in which they finally captured the cards but now this new kid Eli Moon is here and has to do something. Ok....this show is really great and I love it. It should come on more often.
  • Such a cool show! Though the original is better than the dub.

    I first watched the dub version when I was litle, it was so cool! Then I found out about the orginal. The orginal was way better. I found the dub episodes were all messed up and out of order. Still, it was pretty interesting. People make rumors about shonen-ai(gay) and shoujo-ai(lesbian) being in Cardcaptor Sakura. Personally, I disbelieve these claims. I personally think the relationship between Sakura and Tomoyo Daidouji(Madison) was that of a close friend/sister-like relationship, even if there is shoujo-ai, I will pretend there isn't. Call me stuborn, but no way will I allow shonen/ shoujo-ai to be in my favorite animes! Anyway, overall this was a great and decent anime to watch, even if it's more of a shojo, it's great for boys too.
  • An story about an girl name Sakura.Who accidently opens the clowbook and release the cards now she must get it back.

    Card Captors it is about Sakura.Who went to the library and accidently opened an clowbook.Which released millions of cards out of the book.Than she meets an lion liked wing creature name Kero.Who becomes her gurdian.She must capture all the cards and also she becomes the clow master as well.Yeah this anime is really good.I mean they could've continue on with this series.Its also funny as well.Yeah this one of the greatest.I don't think Card Captor is really over.I mean there is an new anime that feature Sakura and Li also the rest of the clamp cast.But really I love Card Captor Sakura.
  • A great manga series wheres there's magic and courage

    In a world of magic in a book that holds the power of the cards, A girl named Sakura she had a very wired dream once but she finds a book uner her dads libary in the basement when she opens the book the power sets free all the cards have scatted all across Japan and the reat of the world. This small animal called Kro is the guardian of the beast he gets really upset what will happen if the cards are set free so he ask Sakura to capture th cards and try to save the worl which is a tough thing to do for a young girl. But she gets help from her best friend Madesine who makes costumes for her, plus a boy called Li from China who is a warrior wanting to help Sakura capture the cards what his ansisters had ordering him to help her seal the cards, plus a karte girl named Merlin who is a bossy type girl who loves Li mostly. They alll help each othr somtimes to stop the power of the cards and find out what happens to Sakura and her dreams.

    Its a great cartoon I've seen this a few times on Tv but mostly on in english or japernese its great show and every episode gets interesting and the fantasy thats in the sereis.
    This is a programme worth watching.
  • A show about a 10 year old girl who accidently opens a magical book which releases the Clow Cards. Now she has to capture all of them before the cause to much chaos. And has to become the master of the Cards. Go Sakura!!!

    Everyone I know loves this show, and I'm no different. It was the first show that made me become anime obsessed, Go CardCaptors!!! This was one awesome anime/manga that Clamp made.

    Sakura and Li are the best!!!! Even though they fought a lot, they still managed to capture all the cards, and become closer in the process. They really seemed to like each other, and I'm sure that everyone would agree that they would make a great couple!!! They're just so great!!!!

    This has got to be one of the best anime ever!!! I just wish they would of made more episodes after the movies. But it's still great because now, everyone can make up their own version of what will happen to them next.

    There are loads of Facfics about them, and now Clamp made another series with them in it. Go Clamp!!! You Rule!!
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