Season 3 Episode 22

Sakura's Return to the Past

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 2001 on The WB
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Sakura's Return to the Past
Wondering what will happen once all the Clow Cards have been transformed, Sakura uses the Return card to travel back in time to talk with Clow Reed. Sakura meets with Clow Reed and he answers her questions, but during the experience Sakura realises that Clow Reed's house is the same one that Eli is now living in. Is it just coincidence that the two live in the same house, or are Eli and Clow Reed actually one and the same? Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless

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  • Story #68: Sakura's Return To The Past

    This Story Started Inside The Mansion

    When Eli Was Looking

    At The Shooting Star At The Window

    Then Retuns To His Desk

    When Spinner Calls Him For Dinner

    It Seems That Eli Has Made A Choice.

    Now That Eli's Letter Was Finished

    He Returns To The Window

    Saying To Himself:

    Sakura Is Almost Done Transforming

    All Of The Clow Cards

    And She Is About To Encounter Her


    Then Ruby Shows Up Reminding

    Eli That Dinner Was About To Get Cold

    When Suddenly It Started To Snow Outside

    Both Ruby And Eli Were

    Watching The Snowfall Out The Window.

    Meanwhile Sakura Was Being Chased By The

    Enchanted Snowmen That Was

    Attacking Her As Kero Was Stuck Inside The

    Snowball Yue Was Using His Power

    Of Crystals In The Pool But It Didn't Work.

    As The Enchanted Snowmen Continues Their Attack

    While Chasing Sakura Floating In The Air

    Sakura Has To Do Something Fast

    As She Was Almost Covered In Snow

    That Was The Last Straw.

    Sakura Begins To Use

    "The Snow Card"

    Saying: I call Upon The Power Of My Star, Ancient Forces Near And Far

    "Snow" Card Cast Off Your Former Might

    And Draw Your Power From My Light! Star Card!

    Then In Which Transforms "The Snow Card" Into A Star Card

    Afterwards "The Snow"'s Form Appeared And Uses Her Snow

    Power To Destroy All The Enchanted Snowmen

    Eli Said To Himself: Well Done But It Won't Be Long Now.

    37 Star Cards Down And A Few More To Go.

    Meanwhile In Sakura's House,

    It Was 11:00 At Night When Sakura Went To

    Sleep In Her Bedroom Upstairs But For

    Some Reason She Couldn't Sleep At All

    Sakura Tells Kero

    That She Couldn't Help But Wonder What Yue

    Had Said Was True.

    Kero Then Tells Her That There's No Need To Compare

    Clow Reed's Power And Her's

    And That Clow Reed Was The One Who Chose Her

    In The First Place And Finally Tells

    Her To Try To Get Some Rest.

    Then Kero Looks Out

    Sakura's Bedroom Window

    As The Snow Continues To Fall Outside

    Kero Was Thinking About The Day

    Clow Reed Had Passed Away

    He Then Explained To Sakura That Before

    Clow Reed's Death He Tells Them That It Was

    Time But Didn't Say Why

    And Couldn't Help But Wonder That Maybe He Wasn't

    Telling Both Yue And Kero The Truth

    And Maybe He's Still Alive Somewhere.

    But Then Again It Might Be A Coincidence

    There's Only One Way To Find Out

    She Has To Go Back To The Past

    By Using "The Return Card"

    To Get Some Answers From Clow Reed Himself

    At The School The Next Day

    Li Tells Her That It's Too Dangerous

    And Was Worried That Something Terrible May Happen To Her

    But Sakura Said To Li That There's No Other Way.

    So Meanwhile At The Shrine,

    Madison, Sakura And Li Were At The Giant Cherry Blossom

    Tree Where 2 Chapters Ago In Story #27 Sakura

    Has Captured "The Return Card" That It's Powers Had Caused Her

    To Go Back 4 Years In The Past Inside The Tree

    Now She Has To Use It To Go Back To Ask Clow Reed.

    So Sakura Is Now In Her Return Outfit

    Just Like In Her Previously Strange Dreams

    Stands In Front Of The Tree And Begins

    Transforming "The Return Card" Into A Star Card

    With Her Star Staff

    Suddenly "The Return"'s Power Begins

    To Appear Outside The Tree

    Sakura Tells Li, Kero And Madison

    Not To Worry And She'll Be Back

    When Sakura Touches The Glowing Tree

    She Tells "The Return Card" To Take

    Her Back In Time Before The Death Of

    Clow Reed Then Finally Goes Inside The Tree.

    As Sakura Appears She Approaches The Brick Archway

    Then Steps Inside To See Keroberos Looking At A Tree

    And Suddenly Yue Comes In And Kero Tells Yue

    That Spring Is Comming But The Cherry Blossom Flowers

    Aren't Blooming At All And Wonders What Was Wrong.

    Sakura Was Looking At Kero And Yue

    Starring At The Unbloomed Tree And Said To Herself

    What They're Doing Over There

    When Clow Reed Shows Up Behind Her And Said:

    They're Waiting

    Then Clow Reed Looks At Her And Sakura Was Looking At Him.

    Sakura Then Sees Clow Reed Using "The Flower Card"

    To Make The Tree Bloom Full Of The Cherry Blossom

    Flowers All Over It

    Clow Reed Then Said To Yue And Kero

    That Spring Is The New Beginning To All Things On

    Earth But Also An End To All The Big Things.

    As Sakura Was Standing In The Brick Archway

    Starring At Clow Reed, Kero And Yue

    Standing Towards The Cherry Blossom Tree

    Just Like In Her Previously Strange Dreams

    Only This Time She Sees That It was For Real.

    When Sakura Wakes Up

    On The Grass Next To Kero

    She Sees Clow Reed Reading The Book

    While Sitting On The Grass Against The Tree

    With Kero And Yue Who Was Sleeping There.

    Then Sakura Asks Clow Reed A Question

    But First She Tells Him About The Stange Things

    That Had Been Going On Since She Became The Mistress

    Of The Cards And When She Did She Could Feel

    His Precence.

    She Then Asked If He Had Anything

    To Do With Them

    Clow Reed Replied To Her In Some Ways He Did

    But Then Again In Some Ways He Didn't

    Sakura Then Asked What He Meant By That

    He Only Said That She Shall See.

    Then Sakura Tells Him That Both Yue And Kero Has Missed Him

    So Much Then He Said

    That They Care For Her More Than She Knows

    And Asked Her If She Cares For Them

    Sakura Replied That She Does And She Trusted Them

    With All Her Heart

    But Said That She'll Never Be As Close To Them

    As He Did.

    Suddenly As Fall Draws Near

    Clow Reed Was Standing In The Wooded Area

    Surrounded By Falling Leaves

    He Then Tells Her We All Have A Destiny

    Then We Move On

    Just Like The Seasons That Changes In The Passing Time

    That's The Way It Is And Always will Be

    His Time Is Almost Comming

    Just Like Winter

    As Clow Reed Disappears

    Sakura Stared Running In The Wooded Area

    With The Brown Leaves That Were Falling

    Around Her Just Like In Her Dreams.

    Then As Sakura Was Still Running

    The Scenery Changed From The Woods

    To The Hallway Inside The House

    And Just Like In Her Dreams

    She Stopped To Look Inside The Room

    Through The Opened Door.

    Sakura Then Sees

    Clow Reed Sitting In The Big Red Chair

    With Yue And Kero Standing In Front Of


    Sakura Notices That It Was The Same Chair That

    She Was Sitting In Since The Movie Was Shot

    At The Mansion 3 Stories Ago

    And In Her Dreams As Well.

    As Sakura Listens In The Conversation

    Between Kero, Yue And Clow Reed

    Then Clow Reed Tells Them That His Time

    On Earth Is Done And That They're Destinys Were

    Confirmed In Other Means There's Not

    Much Time For Him Now

    And That He Must Make Preperations

    To Find The Person To Take Care Of Them After He Leaves.

    Not Only That But He Chose Yue As A Judge

    And His Task Is To Pass Judgement To Seek

    Out The Future Master Or Mistress Whichever Comes First

    Finally Clow Reed Chooses Kero To Pick Out

    A Suitible Canadate For The Job.

    Wouldn't You Know It?

    Clow Reed's Final Words Were

    That He Has Put His Strength And His Heart

    To Create Both Them And The Cards

    And He Wanted Both Yue And Kero

    To Be Happy And To Care For Their New Master

    Or Mistress Long After He's Gone

    And That Was His Last Request That He

    Gave Both Yue And Kero.

    Suddenly The Scenery Changes Again

    With Sakura Seeing Clow Reed In His Astrial

    Form Just Like She Did For The First Time

    2 Chapters Ago In Story #46

    Sakura Wanted To Know What Will Happen To Kero

    And Yue.

    Clow Reed's Astrial Form Reply Was That They Are Her Magical Warriors

    And Protectors Since She Has Been Chosen As The New Master

    Or Mistress And That's The Way It'll Always Be

    And Then He Said That Yue Loves Her Just Like He Loved Him

    Then Clow Reed's Astrial Form Said To Sakura

    That She Must Take Good Care Of Them

    Not Only That But They Needed A Master For Them To


    Sakura Was Worried Then Asked What If She Can't

    Then Said That She's Not Him

    Clow Reed's Astrial Form Says Of Course Not

    Then Said But You Must Have Faith In Yourself

    As He Did In Her

    Remember The Past Is Behind Us

    But The Future Lies Before You.

    Then She Asked What If She Loses Her

    Way Clow Reed's Astrial Form Replied

    "Let Your Star Shine Bright And Guide Your Way

    It'll Never Fail You If You Always Believe In Yourself".

    Then The Scenery Changes From Winter To Spring

    Finally Clow Reed's Last Words To Sakura

    Was It's The New Spring's Beginning

    You'll Need All The Strengh You Can Get

    From Inside You

    And Only You Can Create Your Own Future.

    Afterwards Sakura Returns To The Future

    With Li, Madison And Kero

    In The Front Of The Tree

    As You Can See Sakura Was Just Fine

    Li Has Just Found Out That The Reason

    Why Niether Kero Nor Yue Had Ever Been Inside Eli's House

    It Was Because That They're Memories Had Been Erased

    From Exsitance.

    But By Whom? And Why?

    What Will Sakura Do?

    With 38 Star Cards That Sakura's Got

    We Can Only Guess In The Next Story

  • Sakura goes back in time to have a word with Clow Reed about the Star Cards' finished transformation.

    A real go-back episode. Fasten your seatbelts! Finding out an answer to see what would happen after all of the Clow Cards is transformed to Star Cards, Sakura uses the Return Card to go back in time to have a word with Clow Reed. Sakura meets with Clow Reed and he answers her questions, but during the experience Sakura realizes that Clow Reed's house is the same one that Eli is living in. Is it just coincidence that the two live in the same house, or are Eli and Clow Reed actually one and the same? Now the battle begins in "Revelations Part 1".moreless
Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Shaoran Li / Li Showron (2nd movie)

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Philece Sampler

Spinner Sun and Kaho Mizuki / Layla MacKenzie (2nd movie)

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Maggie Blue O'Hara

Madison Taylor

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Matt Hill (III)


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Takashi Yamazaki / Zackery (2nd movie)

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Kero and Sonomi Daidouji (2nd movie)

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