Cardcaptors - Season 3

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • The Sealed Card
    The Sealed Card
    Episode 25
    Many months have passed since Sakura transformed the Star Cards, but as Sakura is about to discover her quest is still far from being finished. Clow Reed's (Eli's) house has been knocked down to make way for a new amusement park, however the construction has aroused the powers of the 53rd Clow Card, the Nothing card. The Nothing card was a negative card, with the power to balance out the 52 positive cards. However since the positive cards have been transformed The Nothing has sensed the imbalance and is trying to rectify it. As The Nothing claims Sakura's Star Cards one by one, Eli contacts her and explains that she must transform The Nothing, but that cards created by Clow Reed will not be able to stop it. Sakura eventually catches up to the Nothing card and is able to transform it by using The Hope card, a card created by her when Li left town. With the final card transformed, Sakura's quest is finally over for now, but who knows what the future might bring.moreless
  • Revelations (2)
    Revelations (2)
    Episode 24
    Sakura faces her final test as a Cardcaptor as she tries to transform the Light and Dark cards. With the fate of the world at stake, failure is not an option. But will things end happily even if she is able to transform the last of the Clow Cards?
  • Revelations (1)
    Revelations (1)
    Episode 23
    Sakura has returned to the present from meeting with Clow Reed. Eli appears and reveals his true identity, but before Sakura has time to confront him, he casts a spell that turns the sky into darkness, making everyone but Sakura, Li, Kero Beros, Yue, himself, Spinner Sun and Ruby fall asleep. Ruby is sent to fight Yue and Spinner Sun is sent to fight Kero Beros. Sakura asks what he has done and he tells her. She then finds out that if she doesn't regain light in the world before dawn, everyone will sleep ... forever. Sakura is running out of time. Yue and Kero Beros escape from Spinner Sun and Ruby to tell Sakura that if they merge with the staff she will have enough power to transform the Light and Dark cards, the cards she needs. However, if she can't transform them, they will die and be stuck in the staff forever... TO BE CONTINUED... Contributor: zimisthegr8estmoreless
  • Sakura's Return to the Past
    Wondering what will happen once all the Clow Cards have been transformed, Sakura uses the Return card to travel back in time to talk with Clow Reed. Sakura meets with Clow Reed and he answers her questions, but during the experience Sakura realises that Clow Reed's house is the same one that Eli is now living in. Is it just coincidence that the two live in the same house, or are Eli and Clow Reed actually one and the same? Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • The Calm Before the Storm
    During an evening fair at the shrine, Tori tries to come to terms with the fact that he no longer has magical powers. As Julian tries to assure him that Sakura is safe as long as he and Li are there to protect her, Sakura and Li have to work together battle a horse statue that has come to life and is threatening the fair. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • When Stars Fall
    When Stars Fall
    Episode 20
    Sakura attends the premiere of Julian and Tori's movie and is shocked to realise the connection between the plots of the film and real life, but when she and Julian become trapped in one of the exhibits at the festival, she and Yue have to work together to find the source of the disturbances. Sakura and Yue become separated while tracing the source of the magic and Sakura discovers that Eli is the cause of the disturbances, but he uses his magical powers to overpower Sakura, making her forget what she has found out. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • Lights, Camera, Vanish!
    During filming for a school production, in which Julian plays a character with a secret identity, Julian collapses during the final scene. When Tori tries to confront Julian to tell him about his real secret identity, Ruby once again tries to interrupt but Tori locks her out of the room, determined to find out the truth. As Yue reveals himself to Tori he explains that he is growing weak and that is why Julian is always so tired. Tori offers to give up his magical powers to help Yue stay alive, but makes Yue promise that he will protect Sakura now that Tori will be unable to sense when she is in danger.moreless
  • A Slippery Slope
    A Slippery Slope
    Episode 18
    When Sakura's class goes on a ski trip, she is frightened by Eli's tale of a ghostly skier who was killed in a storm years before. But when Sakura and Eli find themselves trapped on one of the ski runs during an avalanche Sakura attempts to use the Time card to stop the advancing snow. She successfully transforms the card but the strain of doing so causes her to collapse and although Eli has to stop the avalanche himself, he is proud that Sakura has transformed one of the most difficult cards to transform. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • A Wave of Danger
    A Wave of Danger
    Episode 17
    Sakura and her friends decide to spend a day at the new water park where Sakura is cautious about trying out the waterslide. However while she and the others relax at the poolside, Li and Eli are competing in the pool to try and beat the other's fastest lap time. However as the day goes on things turn sour when the wave machine goes haywire causing havoc in the pool. With swimmers trapped in the waves, Sakura has to try and find a place to transform the Watery card without being seen and finally does so in the waterslide, successfully transforming the card and taming the waves. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • Sakura's Strange Fortune
    As the new year begins, Sakura and Madison go to the festival at the local shrine together. However when Sakura gets her fortune from the Fortune Booth, which is being run by Eli, the message baffles and worries her. That night Sakura's dream is troubled by thoguhts of the fortune and she inadvertently transforms the dream card. But is her mysterious dream of three mysterious figures and an eclipsed world purely a nightmare or could it be a prophecy of things to come? Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • A Present For the Cards
    In order to get out of the house to check out a strange disturbance, Sakura transforms the Mirror card to take her place, however while she is out the other cards ask Mirror to pass on a message to her. The next day, Sakura and Tori plan to go shopping after school to buy their dad a christmas present, but Sakura senses the powerful magic and once again calls on the Mirror card to take her place. While Sakura transforms the Mist card, Tori takes the Mirror card shopping even though he senses that it is not really Sakura. That night the Mirror card finally manages to pass on the message to Sakura, that all the cards are pleased to have her as their master, and Sakura thanks them by performing a piece of music to them that Eli taught her. (Contributor: Yami Bakura Fan)moreless
  • Just Like Old Times
    Just Like Old Times
    Episode 14
    Meilin returns to Readington for a couple of days and hopes to catch up on the latest news on the quest to transform the Star Cards, but soon she and the others find themeslves battling a group of penguin statues that have come to life and are attacking them. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • Out of Bounds
    Out of Bounds
    Episode 13
    When Sakura, Madison and Li stay late at school, they find that somebody has caused the doors to lead into the wrong rooms leaving them trapped. When Madison gets separated from the others, Sakura uses the Shadow card to find Madison's shadow and free the three friends from the spell. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fan More in Recap sectionmoreless
  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    Episode 12
    When a powerful magic prevents Yue and Keroberos returning to their borrowed forms, Sakura tries to hide them at home but finds the task difficult. She forces Keroberos and Yue to help out with the chores and learns that the Bubble card was designed for giving Keroberos bubble baths, eventually finding a way to block out the powerful magic to allow her guardians to transform back into their borrowed forms. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fan More in Recap sectionmoreless
  • Li's Calling
    Li's Calling
    Episode 11
    Li is worried about telling his mom that all of the Clow Cards have been sealed as he thinks she is going to make him move back home. However he has more important things to worry about when he and Sakura become trapped in a lift and the two have to work together to transform the Float card and get out. That evening Li finally plucks up the courage to tell his mom about everything that has happened and she agrees to let him stay until all the disturbances are over. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • Spinning Out of Control
    When Sakura and Eli's school holds a fair, both Kero and Spinner insist on tagging along with their masters. Kero spends the day hiding behind the school eating cakes but when Spinner turns up Kero fails to recognize him thanks to Eli's spell. However when Spinner starts eating the cakes as well the sugar causes him to go hyper, eating all the food at the fair and then almost destroying the fair itself. Sakura uses the Sleep card to put everyone else to sleep and see what has happened, but the only culprit they can find is Kero who insists that it wasn't him. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fan More in Recap sectionmoreless
  • Sakura in Wonderland
    While reading a copy of Alice in Wonderland, Sakura is mysteriously transported into the book where she finds that the characters all look like her friends. As she tries to find a way out, Sakura has to transform both the Big and Little cards to help her get free. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • Calendar of Memories
    Sakura remembers that her grandpa's birthday is coming up and decides to make him a Calendar of Memories that he can treasure. After collecting up a number of items that he will like, she uses the Flower card to create a bouquet of flowers to send with the gift. Contributor: Yami Bakura Fanmoreless
  • Running Out of Time
    When Sakura notices that the Clow Cards are beginning to lose their magic, Kero tells her that she only has a limited amount of time in which to transform all the cards before their spirits break free and cause havoc. In an attempt to stop this from happening, Sakura tries to transform a number of the cards at once, but the Dash card panics and escapes. Sakura follows the Dash to school where she uses the Loop card to calm it down before sealing it as a Star Card.moreless
  • Trouble at the Park
    Sakura, Li, Kero, and Madison are at the penguin slide, drawn there by another magical presence. It is discovered that the slide has moved and a big hole is now present where the slide used to be. Sakura goes into the hole, Li and Kero attempt to follow but a force field prevents their entrance into the hole. In the hole, Sakura reaches the bottom, there is nothing there. She is nervous about what she'll find when a sheep stuffed animal falls from above her. To her dismay, more stuffed sheep continue to fall at an increasing rate and Sakura becomes trapped. She ponders a card that would get her out of her problem without doing more harm than good when she gets a thought and transforms the Erase Card. It erases the stuffed sheep, leaving Sakura unharmed. Coming up from the hole, Li and Kero tell her the magical energy is gone. Sakura uses the Power Card to return the slide to its original position, covering the big hole. Sakura then losses too much energy again and falls asleep.moreless
  • Attack of the Teddy Bear
    When Sakura completes her home economics project she decides to give it to Julian as a birthday present. However when Eli gets his hands on the bear he causes it to grow and rampage through the city. Having transformed her staff into a Sword with the Sword card, Sakura transforms the Jump card but finds that it doesn't give her enough speed to catch the bear. Sakura transforms the Fly card and is fortunate to discover that its Star card form does not need her staff to give her the power of flight, meaning she can use both it and the Sword card together. She cuts off the bear's ear and it shrinks again.moreless
  • The Threads That Bind
    Sakura begins a home economics project to make a teddy bear, but while she is at the craft store she finds Eli buying a large quantity of threads. That night, while she and Li are patroling to check for any strange occurrences Li finds himself being controlled by an unknown force. Sakura discovers that Li is being controlled like a puppet and has to transform the Sword card to free Li from his bindings.moreless
  • The Dangerous Piano
    Sakura is studying her cards as she hears the sound of a piano from the classroom. She goes to the window and apparently falls asleep. Eli then wakes her up and she asks for him to play again. He does. Sakura then realizes she had to meet up with Maddison but Maddison is at the doorway clapping. She states that she prefers hearing him play over shopping any day. Eli smiles and secretly enchants the keys. That night, Sakura and Maddison are in the school. Maddison starts talking and the piano goes after her. Li tries some of his incantation cards and Kero finally realizes the piano is attracted to Maddison's voice. Sakura tells Maddison not to talk and summons the song card, mimicking Maddison's voice and luring the piano over the roof of the balcony. Contributor: UniGirlmoreless
  • A Strange New Beginning (2)
    As Sakura tries to release her key, she realizes that she has been calling out the wrong words. Creating a new chant that calls on the power of her star, she successfully releases the key and transforms the Firey card into a star card. However with only one of the 52 Clow Cards transformed, it could be a while until Sakura transforms all of the cards.moreless
  • The Past, The Present and The Future (1)
    Kero and Yue discuss Sakura's qualifications for being the new master of the Clow Cards and that a new danger may be headed their way. A mysterious person stands outside Sakura's house.