Season 3 Episode 25

The Sealed Card

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2003 on The WB

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  • Bonus Story #2: The Sealed Card


    It's Safe To Say That Everyone

    Lived Happily Ever After

    Sakura's Quest Is Finally Over At Last

    But Who Knows What The Future Holds?

    The End

  • Sakura must stop the mysterious 53rd card who has negative powers.

    An exciting movie! Since the adventure ended, it made a comeback! Here, months have passed by since Sakura transformed the Clow Cards to Star Cards.When she discovers her quest is far from finished, Clow Reed's houseis knocked down to make room for a new amusement park. The construction has aroused the powers of the 53rd Clow Card called the Nothing card. It's a negative card with the power to balance out the 52 positive cards. Since the positive cards have been transformed The Nothing has sensed the imbalance and is changing it. As The Nothing claims Sakura's Star Cards one by one, Eli tells her to transform The Nothing, but the cards won't stop it. Using the Hope Card created by her when Li left forever, the Nothing was transformed. Now transformed, Sakura's quest is finally over for now, but who knows what the future might bring. Overall, I rate this movie a 100%!
  • An Awsome Movie!

    Everyone whose seen Cardcaptor Sakura knows the story-
    All the cards were changed,Li told Sakura how he felt,Sakura found out he was leaving and made a new Card-A Heart with Wings-Hope,and Sakura had to tell him how she felt.

    It starts out with people destroying Eriol/Clow's masionat night.In his house,there was a card that he hide-for good reason.
    Then it's a great scence of Sakura,Yue and Kero fighting these huge monsters using the Clow Cards-which are now Sakura Cards.
    at the end,it turns out to be a movie Tomoyo made.She and Kero loved it,but Sakura didn't too much,whiel picking out another card to use,Kero made a remark about Change.Making Sakura thin about Li.while Kero was watching another video with Li,and himself,Sakura asked if Tomoyo knew Li liked her,she did,and everyone else BUT Sakura(kinda sad).Sakura said she wanted to tell him directly,when ever that was.

    Mean while,they were normal...Sakura over slept.She said morning to a picture of her beautiful(Dead)mother.Toya made fun of Sakura when she was late for Play Practice,speaking of which-Sakura got the Lead role.A Princess who was in love with her enemy,Prince played by Lying-Yamazaki(I love that guy!)on the way Home,Sakura and Tomoyo saw that Eriol's house was now gonna be an Amusement Park,but it gave Sakura a werid feeling.So did reading her scrpit-made her miss Li,but she didn't notice that the Cards were glowing.

    Next day,Sakura and Tomoyo wnet by the Amusement Park again.Sakura felt the same thing again ad ran towards it.But instead ran into Li.Who bumped into her,but grabbed her by the arm.
    Sakura-sorry,i wasn't looking and-
    (relises it's Li,he she's her,and they both jump back)
    Meilin-Syaoran!what happened?
    Meilin said she wanted to suprise Sakura with a vist-really to bring Sakura and Li together.Seems Tomoyo and Meilin want to help bring them together.Li leaned against a tree and found out that Tomoyo brought Meilin over,but thought him coming would rush Sakura's answer. Meilin talks to Sakura on swings.
    Sakura-Meilin,where are u staying?
    Meilin-i have plans with Daidouji's
    (winks at Tomoyo,she agrees)
    Sakura-no,i just asked too soon.
    Meilin-so can u treat Syaoran?
    (which made Li&Sakura freak out)

    Meilin&Tomoyo's plan was to leave them together.which was working,they were uncomfortable,but ok.Sakura was so close to telling him-I SMELL CAKE!
    Kero-hey,the kid's back.HEY,were u guys trying to hide the cake?
    Sakura-of course not...
    Kero-u didn't call me!
    Sakura-uhh..i'll go make dinner,enjoy the cake!
    (She leaves,and Kero looks at the cake)
    Kero-this one is BIGGER!
    Li-greedy as usal,
    Kero-and even if u beg i won't exchange!
    Li-who would?don't think i'm as greedy as u!
    Kero-what kind of talk is that for a kid?
    Li-who's the Kid?
    (Kero lights up,transforms,and steps on Li)
    Big Kero-compare to a cool dude like me,KID fits uperfectly,
    Li-get off of me!
    Kero-if the kid's here(Ur Heavy!)Then the Brat's here too,(Damn!)I'll show that little brat my cooler form!(Get 0ff!)
    Sakura is in the kitchen making dinner,she's a little nervous about telling Li,but thinks she can do it.
    after dinner,they're still a little werid about each other,and Kero is ruining the mood.
    Kero-i'm dead serious when it comes to anything tastey!
    Li-basicly,that means ur greedy.
    Kero-C0ME 0N!u wanna fight kid?
    Kero-...ur life has been spared(flys away)
    Kero-night...but,if u guys start eating snacks call me!(slowly flys away)
    Sakura-Kero is really...
    Sakura-yeah.....(things get werid again)...uh,Syaraon...earlier,i was trying to tell u that i...i think of u as-
    Sakura,i'm home!(Sakura goes rigid)
    Toya comes in-Sakura,what's for dinn-Y0U!
    (Toya glares at Li,Li does the same)
    for those who don't know,Toyua hates Li for liking his sister,Li's love for Sakura is equal to Toya hate for Li.Yukito(Yue's human form)came in which broke the straing contest.
    Sakura follows Li out,but he tells her not to,he say's he'll see her at school.Which makes her happy as she watches him walk away.
    Yukito-u seemed irrated,Toya.
    Toya-that kid,i knew he'd be back!
    Yukito-but Sakura seemed so happy to see him.
    Toya-that's why i'm so pissed off!
    Yukito-u really do care about Sakura,don't u?
    Toya-shut up!(though it's true)
    Sakura was still outside thinking of Li but didn't notice that one of the Card flew out,and towards the Amusement Park,into this black orb.

    At the Practice,everyone was happy to see Li and Meilin.Meilin as too busy talking to Tomoyo.
    Tomoyo-i don't think Sakura told Li last night.
    Meilin-man!we've got to get those 2 alone.
    Toyomo-but,another chance has come!
    Meilin-for what?
    Toyomo-for me to video Sakura's Lover Confession!
    Meilin-u havn't changed huh Daidouji?
    after Practice,Meilin kept talking to Sakura about how the Princess(Sakura)should tell her feelings!Sakura says they should get juice,she said take a left ont the Mailbox,but there was no Mailbox.but if u nocited on the ground,something was cut off.
    Back home,Kero asked Sakura if she would send a letter to Eriol/Suppi(his little dark version of Kero)
    Sakura-aww,i didn't know u guys were friends...
    Kero-were not friends...WERE RIVAILS!
    Sakura wrote her letter to Eriol,but didn't see how another Card flew away to the Amusemenet Park.

    Li and Meilin were there for a week,watching them Practice,but Sakura still didn't tell Li how she flet.
    Meilin-they are so slow!
    later,they went into town,and once again Meilin&Tomoyo left them alone.Sakura was about to tell Li her feelings...when a giant rabbit got between them.
    it was 0ver-Protective Toya in a rabbit suit.
    Sakura-0NII!(Japanses for Big Brother)why did u do that?
    Toya-cause u were standnign there for a long time like a moron(glares at Li for being alone with his sister)
    Meilin,Tomoyo and Yukito come out,and Yuki says Toya will treat all of them for scareing Sakura.
    Toya-why the hell do i have to pay for that KID?
    Sakura did like Yukito,but couldn't help but think of Yue when she saw him.
    on the way home,Meilin looked at Toyomo's videos.
    Meilin-i don't care if the Plushi grew bigger,a Plush Toy is a Plush Toy,no matter what(Plushi-Kero)
    Li and Sakura were behind them but felt werid,they felt more werid when a strange vibe came across them,and that a bridge was destoryed but didn't have any signs or Yellow Tape.Sakura told Kero about it,but got a call from Meilin.
    Sakura on phone-yeah,i don't have Practice...Amusemnt Park?

    Li,Meilin and Tomoyo waited awhile til Sakura got there.Meilin&Tomoyo left again,but watched again.
    Tomoyo-i hope Sakura says somethign today.
    Meilin-REALLY!we've been here for 5 days,Kinomoto is so SL0W!
    Tomoyo-but that's a good thing about her.
    Meilin and Sakura loved the rides,but Toyomo video taped them,and Li just made Sakura blush.
    Meilin walking backwards-so what next?
    Sakura-u can pick Meilin,
    (Li just shurgged,Meilin turned around and pointed to their next ride)
    Meilin-ok,were going on THAT!
    Sakura-the Ferris Wheel?
    Meilin-right!me and Daidouji,Kinomoto and Syaoran.
    (they both blushed at that)
    Meilin and Tomoyo were able to see Sakura and Li easy,but there wasn't much to see.Sakura just sat there queit,
    Sakura-uhh,Syaraon...i think of u
    a Card flew out from her purse.
    Meilin in other cart-Kinomoto said something!
    Tomoyo-yeah,but their acting strange,huh?
    Li and Sakura jumped out fst,and ran after the Card into a House of Mirriors.
    Sakura-Syaraon,is what were feeling really what were feeling?
    Li-yeah,it's a Clow Card!
    Saura-how,we captured all the Cards?
    sakura and Li felt it again and ran to see a girl in the mirroir-she looked like all the Cards' design into one.
    Li-use the Through Card,it works with mirroirs.
    Something unthinkable happeneD
    Sakura-it's G0NE!the Through Card is gone!
    The Little Girl-give me friends...
    Sakura tried to use Wood against her,but she just took that card too.
    The Girl and Cards were gone.

    Kero-WHAT!who took the Cards!?
    Sakura-a little girl with long hair...Kero,she had the auar of a Clow Card...
    Kero-who could call at a time like this!?
    It's been a while,Sakura
    Eriol-my masionor Clow Reed's was destoryed,wasn't it?
    Sakura-yeah,and something happend!the Cards are beeing taken away!
    Eriol-i know,i'm sorry for not telling u this sooner,but the 0ne whose taking ur Cards,is a Clow Card herself.
    Kero-wait!Clow only made 52 Cards!
    Eriol-Clows made 52 postive Cards,this is a Negiative Card,a Card who's power evens out all 52 Positive Cards...
    Kero-why would Clow create that?
    Eriol-to keep a balnce of energy...but this card is destrucive,it can earse things as it gains Cards...
    (Sakura thinks of the bridge and mailbox)
    Eriol-Sakura,this Card can also earse people,but to stop it,u must turn it into a Sakura Card,but at a price...u need to give the Card ur Most Cherished Feeling...*Cut 0ff*
    (at Eriol's house)Ruby Moon(Yue's oppsite),Suppi(Kero's) and Eriol's girlfriend Nakaru.
    Eriol-The negitavie Card cut me off
    Nakaru-Eriol,do u know the outcome of this?
    (back home)
    Sakura's Most Cherish Feeling,meaning,she has to give up her feelings for Li and the Hope Card.
    (Teh Card she made when she found out she loved Li,it looks like a Heart with Wings/Crown)

    After Practice,Sakura told Li about the Card.
    Li-how do u we stop it?
    Sakura-...i have to give Most Cherished Feeling... there any other way?
    Sakura-Eriol didn't say...
    Li-...if there's no other way,then there's nothing we can about that...
    Sakura-but live without soemthing u deeply care about?
    Li-if u don't,the City and People with be earsed...
    Sakura knew what he ment,and ran away crying in the rain.
    All of it was going to disappear because of her, because of something she had that the Card wanted,and to stop it was to pay a price unthinkable to her heart.
    she ran into Yukito,who transform so she could talk to Yue.
    Yukito-my other side says he's extremely worried about u.
    (changes fourm)
    Yue-i didn't sat Extremely...
    Yue says Clow did this for good but thinks she'll find another way.

    It was the Day of the Play,all of Sakura's friends were excited!everyone sept poor Sakura.
    Meilin-i can't belive there's another Card left!
    Tomoyo-Sakura,u look Pale...
    Kero-she didn't sleep last night...
    Then another Card flew out,and the School started to lose chunks of itself.
    The other kids started hearing it so Sakura used the Sleep Card so no one would notice.Li ran inside but when he did Sleep was taken away.When Sleep was gone,the others woke up,but poor Yamazaki hit his arm when they went to sleep,his girlfriend Chiharu was real upset.
    Yamazaki-it's ok...ouch!
    Chihuaru-Liar,it's not ok!
    someone-we'll have to cancel,
    Yamazaki-no,someone else can take my place,right Li?
    Li looks at him,and gulpes.

    It was sunset,Tomoyo was singing while the others were getting ready for the play.Negaitive was watching.
    Rika-u look great Meilin.
    Meilin-of course i do,but the role of a maid?
    Naoko-here are ur lines,Meilin.
    Meilin-HA HA HA HA,i don't need lines,i've been watching the Practice for a long time,i'll do fine,right Syaoran?
    Li was in his Prince costume,but worried abotu Sakura,who was queit in her dressing room looking in a mirrior.
    Kero-after what happened earlier we can't let are guard down...
    Tomoyo finsihed her song and came into Sakura's room.
    Kero-that was fast,
    Tomoyo-i would regret it for life if i didn't finish Sakura's costume.
    Kero-u'd regret that for life?
    Tomoyo-depends on the person,i say we should live with no regrets.
    Sakura thought about that,in the audeince Tomoyo's mom and Sakura's dad were talking.
    (Tomoyo's rich mom)Sonomi-just a camera?
    (Sakura's dad)Fujitaka-Yep.
    Sonomi-Fujitaka,Sakura's the Princess,the main character...i guess i'll give u a copy.
    (u can see she has 3 different camera crews behind her)
    the Play Starts.

    Tomoyo was doing intro.
    Sakura was in a white dress showing her legs,with Pink Ribbons,a red mask and little wings.
    Princess Sakura-but i'm not a good dancer
    Meilin(pushy in real/fake life)-then go find someone who is a good dancer!
    Li came out in a red Prince outfit(Most Princes look the Same)with red mask,asked her to dance.They slowly Wlatzed.
    Toya and Yukito came in/in the middle of there dancing.
    Toya watching Li,and puched his fist-why is she dancing with HIM!
    It was a slow but romantic dance,they were the only ones left on stage.Tomoyo was video taping it,Meilin and Kero were just watching happily.
    During the sad part,Sakura really had them convinced.
    Prince Li-Princess,i love u.
    (Toya scowled at that)
    Sakura-please,just earse me from ur heart,just forget about me!
    (on the side)
    Chiharu-Sakura is a great actress.
    Then the lights stared breaking,everything went Dark and the ground started to shake.
    Sakura fell back.
    Li-are u ok?
    about 20 cards flew out of her pocket.
    Giant Balck 0rbs starting appearing and earseing everything.Sakura's friends,her dad,Tomoyo's mom,Toya,yukito changed into Yue and flew out,Kero changed into his giant Lion fourm.
    Sakura,Li,Meilin,Kero,Tomoyo and Yue were all that was left.
    Meilin-everyone back stage is gone!
    Yue-this is the Card,isn't it?
    Sakura-...i'd better change it and bring everyone back
    -I'm going too
    Li looked directly at her.
    Li-i'm Going too...
    They looked at each other for a mintue.
    Tomoyo-great,then wear this.(holding a Dark Pink outfit)
    Meilin-Daidouji,at a time like this?
    Tomoyo-please wear it because it's a time like this,i have every costume i've ever made for Sakura,and that beacuse Sakura always comes back,and i want to make sure i have this costume again.
    Sakura-thank u,Tomoyo.
    Tomoyo-this is for u,Li.
    Tomoyo-it wouldn't be right if u didn't come back too.

    Sakura and Li were in there costumes,they were kinda matching,her's Dark Pink,his Green.
    They looked at the the City,then More of Sakura's Card ere taken away.She tired to use Windy to stop them but Wisny was taken.And Meilin&Tomoyo,plus more of the City.
    Yue-it's coming from there...(he pointed to the Amusment Park)
    Sakura-only 5 Cards left...
    Li and Sakura rode on Kero to the Amusment Park.
    Kero-She's here somewhere...
    Then these creepy bubbles started floating everywhere.
    Then The Merry Go Round horses went after Sakura but yue saved her.The a ride almost falls on her but she uses Jump to get away.She jumped on the top of the of the Rollar Coaster,but Jump was taken away.The Rollar Coaster started to chase her.
    It stopped,Sakura saw Negative.
    Sakura-why are u doing this?!
    Neagtive-just 3 more left.
    Sakura-give them back!
    Time wore off,Sakura fell,but Kero caught her.
    Yue-talking isn't going to work(blasted her,but she erased him)
    Kero-Damn her!(blasted at Negative,she earsed him)
    She looked down,and saw that everyone was gone but Li.
    Li-the Cards and Guardians don't work on her beacuse there power is from Clow Reed,but mine aren't!
    Sakura didn't notice when he ran off after Negative.
    Negative was in the Ferris Wheel,Li's amazing athletics had him jump up her,using his power,blasted her with Lighting,which actually hurt her.(it had good Gutair music at the time)
    Negative-leave me alone...
    Negative-leave me AL0NE!
    She blasted the Ferris Wheel.
    Sakura saw Li fall.
    she got her wings,but Li was no where to be found.
    Sakura-everyone...Kero,Yue...Syaraon...but i can't give up...i will NEVER give up!
    Negative-2 more...
    Sakura followed Negative to the Bell Tower.Negative's Black 0rbs keep trying to get Sakura.When she took Fly and Sakura fell helplessly,she landed but was ok.Negative attaked her,but she was protected but was protected by Sheild.
    (she didn't know,but Li was ok,he was hurt,but ok)
    Sakura was on a Stair Case,look at Neagtive,she took Sheild too.
    Neagtive-now i have them all!
    Sakura-no,i'll change u,and bring everything back...
    used her powers and earsed Sakura's way up and down.
    Neagtive-i was alone for so long...i want my friends back,why are u trying to stop me?
    Sakura-stealing them isn't Friendship,that's not RIGHT!
    Negative was taken back at this,but the Cards flew out of her 0rb and Circled her.
    Negative-what!all of u?why do u hate me?
    They flew back to Sakura.
    Negative started crying
    Sakura looked a the poor-dangerous-little girl.She flet sorry for her,just then,the Cards made a bridge out-of themslves to bring Sakura closer to Neagtive.
    Sakura-don't cry...
    Sakura-Everyone says they really want you to come,
    Negative-i won't be alone?
    Sakura's magical circle came under her,she was about to change Negative...
    Sakura under her breathe-i guess i couldn't tell him how i felt...
    "Clow Card,abandon your old form
    dark and fierce eyes
    and reincarnate.
    Under the name of your new master Sakura!"
    Sakura thought an 0rb would go around her but instead it went arounf Li,who just appeared outta nowhere.
    Why was the 0rb around him?her feelins were going to be taken.
    Li-Glad i made it in time...i guess i had more power left,since u used so many cards in one day.
    Meaning he'd lose feelings for heR
    Li-even if i lose this feeling,i gues i'll just have to fall in love with u all over again...(the 0rbs ingulfs him)
    Sakura starts crying-SYARA0N!

    A huge bright light connected them but just for a spit sceond,outside there were huge blast of Light coming out of the Clock Tower.
    Li just stood there emotionless,Sakura stood there crying..."Don't Cry"...til her Hope Card flew in her hands.
    Negative was holding the Winged Heart,she was now the Hope Card,Sakura looked at Li.
    Sakura-Syaraon...even though u don't feelng anything for me right now...i wat u to know...i love u...ur My Number 0ne,Syaraon...
    Li looked at her blankly.
    Sakura cried more...
    Sakura looked up,Li was smiling-why?
    just then,the Sun slowly cam up(very beautiful)

    ~Please deliver this voice
    ~Please relay the message right now.
    ~Please hurry and come over here.
    ~Please feel a power yet to be seen.
    (u can see everyone waking up,Tomoyo&Meilin,Sakura's dad&Tomoyo's mom,Yukito(Yue)&Kero)
    ~Look, the continuation of the dream.
    ~Its singing the MEL0DY leading to tomorrow.
    0k,here i go(u can see Sakura's feet moving back)
    Li(trying to stop Sakura)-D0N'T!just wait til everything's back to normal!
    Sakura(way too happy to care)-i don't wanna!
    (runs and jumps in the air to try to get on the same side as Li)
    I L0VE Y0U!
    cence Freezes-Sakura in the air,Li waiting to catch her.

    and that's the Story,i wrote the whole thing beacuse i loved everything bit of it,it was the last of Cardcaptors,bu ti'm happy with how it ended.
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