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Season 1 Episode 35

The Third Element

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 2000 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The Third Element
Sakura's dream returns with a new twist, which leaves her troubled by what it means. A trip to the winter carnival requires the trickiest card capture yet, when one of the four elements, Firey, presents itself. But the capture also provides some inkling to the future.

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  • Story #35: The Third Element

    Okay This Story Begins With A Transparent Image Of Sakura

    Who Again Has A Strange Dream About The Radio Tower, A Figure In Shadows And The Clow Cards

    And Of Course Sakura Who Was Standing On The Rooftop As A Card Falls Into Her Hands

    But Then Suddenly It Disappears And So Does All Of The Other Cards Flying Around

    And While Starring At The Mysterious Figure Standing On The Tower

    She Wondered: Who Is That Figure In Black?

    And As It Turns Out When Miss Mackenzie Finds That Sakura Has Fallen Asleep In Math Class.

    What A Way To Go

    Miss Mackenzie Then Tells The Class Not To Forget About The Drill Team Tryouts,

    Looking Back

    Sakura Has Now Figured Out That The Figure In Her Dream Was Miss Mackenzie

    Meanwhile After School Sakura Tells Madison About That Strange Dream She Had

    And Suspected That Miss MacKenzie Has To Be The Mysterious Figure In Black

    Not Only That But She Can't Tell Kero Just Yet Because She Wanted To Figure It Out By Herself

    When Madison Has Tried To Sugguest Sakura To Li Or Nikki

    But Sakura Convinces Madison That She'll Have To Do It On Her Own.

    Later At The Schoolyard For The Drill Tryouts,

    Chelsea, Rita and Nikki Talk About The Winter Carnival

    And Why They can't Go Because They're Going On Vacation

    Sakura On The Other Hand Was Starting To Get Scared

    That Kero Might Change After She Captures All The Cards

    Then Everyone Starts To Clap For Li After He's Finished At The Drill Team Tryout

    And Meilin Started To Cheer For Him

    Because He Was Made Drill Team Captain

    Later After Drill Team Tryouts, Meilin Was Washing Her Hands

    When Madison And Sakura Shows Up Sakura Then Tells Meilin

    That She Needed Some Advice

    Meanwhile At The Park It seems To Meilin

    That The Only Advice That Meilin Gave Her Was To Ask Her Cousin Li Showron.

    Later That Night In Sakura's House,

    Sakura As You Can See Was Hesitant To Ask Li To The Winter Carnival

    She Then tells Li That Meilin Told Her That They Were Going To The Winter Carnival

    Sakura Also Said That She Has To Talk About Something

    Afterwards Sakura Soon Found Out That It Was Julian That She Had Spoke TO

    and Then Tells Kero That He Pushed The Wrong Button On Her Phone.

    So At The Winter Carnival The Next Day,

    Julian Asks Sakura What She Wanted To Talk About

    While Madison And Kero Are In Disguise

    However Madison Who Has A Videocam Didn't Watch To Miss Another Clow Card On Tape

    Kero Tells Her Not To Worry Because He Was With Her,

    But She Pointed Out That He Has Missed A Couple Clow Cards Himself

    Suddenly What Madison And Kero Didn't Notice

    Is That The wreath Has Mysteriously Started To Catch On Fire

    And Was Burnt To A Chrisp.

    Later, Sakura And Julian Meet Up With Meilin And Li

    Meilin Talks With Sakura And She Agrees To Help Get

    Sakura And Li Together To Talk About The "Clow Cards"

    After A Couple Of Rides, The Group Goes To A Restaurant And They Were Surprised To See Tori There

    Sakura Tells Tori That Julian And Meilin Would Love To See The Kitchen,

    But Julian Didn't Seem To Notice Anything He Was Just Too Busy Eating.

    Madison On The Other Hand Was Taping Them When Kero Has Suspected Something

    Back At The Table, The Ropes Hanging From Other Tables Start To Burn And

    Julian Asked What Kind Of Gimmick It Was

    Tori Quickly Tells Them That It Was No Gimmick And That It Was Really On Fire

    The Trees Then Started To Catch On Fire And Both Li And Sakura Run Away From The Table

    To Find Out That It's: "The Firery Card"

    Quickly Li Uses "The Time Card" With His Sword To Freeze Time

    Then Sakura Uses "The Sleep Card" With Her Wand Staff

    Which Caused Everyone Else To Fall Asleep

    But After Unfreezing Time Li Was All Worn Out

    And He Tells Her That He Needs To Rest For A While

    Sakura Then Decided To Use "Windy" To Fan Out The Flames

    But That Only Caused The Fire To Spread Even More

    Kero Then Said To Sakura That "The Firery Card"

    Is The Third Of The Elemental Cards And It's Very Powerful

    Suddenly Both Li And Sakura Now Sees "The Firery Card"'s Visible Form

    Of A Teenager With Flaming Hair, Though His Bangs Are Normal, And Orange Wings

    He Has A Red Jeweled Headband Around His Forehead,

    And Long Pointed Ears That Resemble Those Of The Watery,

    Except Without The Fins And His Lower Body Is A Pillar Of Fire

    Li Then Sugguests To Sakura That She Can Use 2 Clow Cards At Once

    Finally Sakura Sends Out Both "Windy" And "Water"

    As They Both Come Out, Sakura, Li And Kero Were Amazed Because The Cards Were Actually Working Together

    And Of Cource They Both Attack "The Firery Card"'s Visible Form At The Same Time And They Extinguish It

    At Last Sakura Went Over And Seals "The Firery Card" With Her Wand Staff.

    Then Kero Congratulates Sakura And He Starts Glowing.

    He Tells Her That Since His Powers Has Come From The Sun And By Capturing "The Firery Card",

    It Has Enabled Him To Have Some Of His Powers Back

    Sakura Now Knew That Kero Wasn't Going To Leave Her After All

    Miss McKenzie However Was Watching Them On The Bridge From Far Away

    Later That Evening, As You Can See Madison Has Missed Taping Another Clow Card

    And So Did Melin

    Julian On The Other Hand Still Wanted To Know What Was On

    Sakura's Mind Latley

    Suddenly It Started To Snow On The Ferris Wheel

    As You Can Tell It Was Kero In The Sky That Was Making Snow With His Powers.

  • Sakura captures the Fiery Card before the Time Magic breaks.

    Conclusion for Season 1: One of my favorite ones ever!

    During the day, Sakura has the dream like the same one she had in "Sakura's Rival". She talks about this to Madison. Then, they exercise until in the afternoon, Sakura sees Julian and accidently asks him to a date. She called Li and he came. Meilin distracted Julian while they talked about the Clow Cards. Then, a fire burns a town and Li freezes the time and Sakura uses the Windy and Watery to capture it. While Sakura and Julian are enjoying the Ferris wheel, Kero flies in and decorates the night sky by sprinkling the embers with his strengthened power due to the Firey Card. Overall, I rate this episode a 100%!moreless
Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Shaoran Li / Li Showron (2nd movie)

Philece Sampler

Philece Sampler

Spinner Sun and Kaho Mizuki / Layla MacKenzie (2nd movie)

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Madison Taylor

Matt Hill (III)

Matt Hill (III)


Joshua Seth

Joshua Seth

Takashi Yamazaki / Zackery (2nd movie)

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Kero and Sonomi Daidouji (2nd movie)

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