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Cardfight!! Vanguard

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Cardfight!! Vanguard is the story of Sendo Aichi, a shy middle school student (seasons 1 & 2)/ high school student (season 3) who always kept hiding behind the rest, making himself unnoticed. That was until he met Kai Toshiki, another student, who introduced him to a card game called Vanguard, and gave him his first card, the "Blaster Blade", then, he quickly defeated him. Soon he got hooked up to this card game, which happens on the planet of "Kray", but became popular around the world, due to its innovative play system. During his Journey, Aichi meets a lot of interesting friends, like Togura Misaki and Katsuragi Kamui, which later become friendly rivals.

During season 1, titled Cardfight! Vanguard, Aich learns the rules of Vanguard and slowly begins to improve after an impromptu match against Kai. Aichii's goal is to play Kai again and help his team win the Japanese National Cardfight!! Vanguard Championship. In order to do so Aichi must battle local rivals, like the Handsome Brothers and Team Caesar in order to get to face Team Asteroid, the team that has won the championship 5 times in a row. Working alongside Kai, Misaki, and Kamui, Aichi finds a hidden power, psyqualia, that allows himself to envision victory. However this power can be used for light or evil, and when Aichi begins to be overcome by Psyqualia, it may be up to his friends to help him find his trueself.

During season 2, titled Cardfight! Vanguard: Asia Circuit, Aichi loses his Royal Paladin deck. A mysterious force known as Void is slowly taking over the planet Cray, and each time it does so a deck disappears on Earth. Aichi must master a new deck, the Gold Paladins, and reform Team Q4, with Kamui and Misaki, if he is to have any chance of rescuing Blaster Blade and saving the Planet Cray. In order to do so team Q4 must advance through a new Cardfight tournament, the VF Circuit, which travels to Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and finally Japan. New and old rivals, like the new Team Asteroid, and new squads, team SIT Genius and Team Aquaforce, will rear their heads, but only one team can prevail at each stage, and only the 4 winning teams can set a new goal for Cray. Will they help free the Royal Paladins and bring Blaster Blade back to Aichi? Will the other captured leaders, Kabuto (Kai) and Shadow Paladin find a way to get free? Or will Void swallow the entirety of Cray and move onto Earth?

Season 3 moves Aichi up from middle school to high school. Aichi joins Misaki at the prestigious Miyaji Academy, a school that focuses on turning students toward the future. Rather than join an existing club, Aichi decides to form a local Vanguard club. The only problem is Aichi seems to be the only one interested, that is until Kourin Tatsunagi transfers into Miyaji. Kourin decides to help form the card fighting club. Aichi and Kourin are joined by newcomers Naoki Ishida and Shingo Komoi, but the club cannot become official until all 5 members are together. Finally Aichi convinces Masaki to join, and the club is formed. However the club is quickly given a huge obstacle. They must win all the stages of the High School vanguard Tournament. Failure at even one stage will lead to the club's destruction. Can this new team of 5 find a way to win against schools like Hitsue, where Miwa, Kai, Morikawa, and Izaki attend? How about a way to defeat Fukuhara, where Ren, Asaka, and Suiko are? Even if they make it through the first region, Leon Soryuu's team is awaiting in a challenge that the new team could find impossible to win against.


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