Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot

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Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot

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Welcome to the Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot guide at! In time for their 25th Anniversary, The Care Bears are back, and this time with a new design, and with new adventures in Care-A-Lot!

The series, marking the return of the bears to the small screen (and the return of the animation rights to DiC since losing the rights of animating the series to Nelvana in the mid 80s), focuses on five of the Care Bears: Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, and introduced in the movie "Oopsy Does It!", Oopsy Bear. Cheer Bear is now the unofficial leader of the Care Bears as opposed to Tenderheart. All the other Care Bears do make cameo appearances from time to time. It is notable, however, that the Cousins are not in the series. The Care Bear stare is also now seldom used.

The series sees a revamped and modernized Care-A-Lot with totally redesigned Care Bears and redesigned belly badges. Also following the tradition held since Care Bear movies made during the 2002 revival, the series features easier to follow stories with lots of humor and pop culture references thrown in, and lack of supernatural characters- villains or otherwise. The show remain devoid of human characters until the first DVD release, Grizz-ly Adventures. Indeed, the series is now more technologically-oriented, and the sole villain of the series is Grizzle, a bear who dons a mechanical suit, has robots to do his dirty bidding, speaks with a British accent, and is careless and almost always messes up (and on the rare occasion that his plans actually work, is quickly outwitted and misled into messing up by the Care Bears). The series features a theme song performed by Kay Hanley. Adventures in Care-a-Lot is currently enjoying its second season on CBS. Catch the program on either Saturday or Sunday as part of CBS's Kewlopolis block. Check listings for showtimes, as time and broadcast day varies based on your local market. And coming in 2009, watch for a new direction to the series-- the Care Power Team. From their Care Station, this newly formed team of Bedtime, Cheer, Funshine, Grumpy, Oopsy and Share handles caring emergencies throughout Care-a-Lot using enhanced belly badge powers. The fun begins with a new direct-to-DVD CGI movie, Share Bear Shines, in which Share Bear must save the day when the Twinklets don't arrive for annual visit to Care-a-Lot.moreless

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AIRED ON 12/6/2008

Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • Yeah I perfer the

    2007 verison over this one
  • I like it

    this show is awesome.
  • This is not the DiC/Nelvana-made Care Bear series of your childhood. It's surprisingly different, fresh, and in my opinion, better.

    Well, I admit- I never liked the original Nelvana series. To me, the Nelvana series was dark, complicated, and scary.

    However, the new series, I'm hooked. It's not like the series of old. Clearly, they took the path of My Little Pony Tales with the show. The environment is clearly brighter and easier to be absorbed into (and much more modern compared to the original series), the bears are cutesier and more realistic in terms of emotions and actions. However, unlike My Little Pony Tales, there are still bad guys. But there's no wizards or warlocks, greedy humans (who might or might not be possessed by evil supernatural entities), or any other thing that would blow a toddler's fuse. Instead, we get a bumbling boilerplate villain named Grizzle, who's not so scary compared to the old villains.

    In short, I like this show. Fans of the old show may not like it, but I do.moreless
  • Its cool that Care Bears are back on tv but.......

    Yep the Care Bears returned.With new care bears to see.Well I only seen one episode from the Care Bears.However after watching one of the episode.This is what I truelly think.I think its an decent show.I really prefer the original character design to the new ones.I missed the true vilians liked professor Cold Heart or No Heart.Altough the show teaches children some lessons about caring and sharing all that kind of stuff.It seemed that the Care Bear cousins no longered exist in the Care Bear World.I missed those guys.Adding new Care Bears are cool too.I thought that they would still be doing caring mission all that kind of junk.However that is all gone.But still this show would teaches younger children something.

    I truely miss the original verison.moreless