Care Bears

Season 7 Episode 5

Big Wish Movie

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Early concept art available on the DVD for this movie reveals that Me Bear's tummy symbol was originally going to be her own face and that the expression on this face would change with Me Bear's mood.

    • Ian Thomas was nominated for a Gemini Award in the category of Best Original Music in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series for his work on this movie. The winner was announced at the 20th Annual Gemini Awards on November 17, 18, & 19, 2005. Unfortunately, though, Ian Thomas did not win this award.

    • Premiered on YTV in Canada at 1:30 P.M. on Monday, October 10, 2005. Premiered on Playhouse Disney in the United States on Monday, October 17, 2005. Released on DVD and video on October 18, 2005.

    • All "i"s during the closing credits are dotted with hearts.

    • Robert Tinkler is credited as Rob Tinkler, Louise Vallance is credited as Stevie Vallance and Elizabeth Hanna is credited as Liz Hanna.

    • Too Loud Bear is bright-red with a megaphone for his tummy symbol, Me Bear is light pink with a heart-shaped mirror for her tummy symbol and Messy Bear is light blue with a tornado for his tummy symbol.

    • The Care Bears accept Too Loud Bear, Me Bear and Messy Bears' request that they be allowed to continue to live in Care-a-Lot, allowing the possibility that these characters may return in a future movie.

  • Quotes

    • Male Vocalist: (singing) The power of wishing / Can take you anywhere / But you've got to try / It ain't so hard / In no time, you'll be there!

    • Too Loud Bear: Hey, Me Bear! Did you see how happy Twinkers was when he went back to Wish Bear?
      Wish Bear: Twinkers! Did you hear? Too Loud Bear finally got your name right.
      Twinkers: Whatever.

    • Champ Bear: Nice wishing, Messy Bear.
      Messy Bear: Thanks. Only... would you mind calling me Neat Bear from now on? I'm going for a new image.
      Champ Bear: You got it.

    • Chorus: (singing) It takes you and me / Working in harmony / Working for the things we love / Caring for each other.

    • Wish Bear: Look at him. He's so weak. Is there any way you can help make him better?
      Big Wish: That depends on you.
      Wish Bear: If you mean --- "Did I learn my lesson?" Yes. Wishing is fun, but it's more important to work hard to make your dreams come true and if you can do it with your friends, that's the best way to show that you care.

    • Me Bear: (regarding the theme park she created) Beautiful, isn't it? It's all me, all the time.

    • Funshine Bear: (dons Groucho Marx glasses and imitates Sigmund Freud) Hmm, interesting. Tell me about "caring."
      Wish Bear: I can't. I fell all empty inside.
      Funshine Bear: Interesting. Tell me about "empty inside."

    • Care Bears: (singing) The reason why the flowers grow / And it's the nicest place we know / We do a lot
      Funshine Bear: In Care-a-Lot!
      Too Loud, Me and Messy Bears: Well, that's a lovely point-of-view
      Care Bears: I don't think we're getting through!

    • Too Loud Bear: (singing) You never have to work / You can play all day / And you get a lot
      Too Loud, Me and Messy Bears: In Care-a-Lot!
      Too Loud Bear: With Twittles by our side
      Wish Bear: Twinkers!
      Too Loud Bear: It's such an easy ride / And we'll get a lot
      Messy and Me Bears: In Care-a-Lot!

    • Wish Bear: I told them who, what, when, where and how.
      Champ Bear: But did you tell them why we were having the picnic?
      Wish Bear: Um, I thought we should all do that together. (chuckles nervously)

    • Grumpy Bear: I'm hungry. Are you sure we can't start without them?
      Good Luck Bear: It would be bad luck.
      Grumpy Bear: I think you made that up.

    • Too Loud Bear: Hey, it's Wish-a-Lot Bear and Twinkles!
      Wish Bear: Just Wish Bear. Wish-a-Lot's my uncle. And this is Twinkers.
      Too Loud Bear: Whatever.

    • Too Loud Bear: (shouting into megaphone) All right, everybody! Quit standing around looking like a bunch of stuffed toys at a yard sale!
      Tenderheart Bear: What's a yard sale?
      Funshine Bear: What's a stuffed toy?

    • Too Loud Bear: So tell me, Chimp Bear...
      Champ Bear: Champ Bear.
      Too Loud Bear: Whatever. Is this Care-a-Lot a nice place to live? Property values rising, good schools? You know the drill --- location, location, location.
      Bedtime Bear: (yawning) Well, we like it here.

    • Wish Bear: (singing) Is there something I can do? Wish I knew. (stops singing) Twinkers, that's it! If there aren't any bears around who like wishing as much as we do, all we need to do is wish us up some more, right?

    • Wish Bear: (singing) I wish all my troubles away / All my dreams come true / I wish for blue skies every day / And I can wish it for you / Why would I wait / For what a wish can create? / Why should I work so hard? / I wish because wishing is great.

    • Share Bear: Besides, if you love something, working hard to make it better and not just wishing for it is a great way to show how much you care. (giggles) Don't you think?

    • Bedtime Bear: Well, you know what I wish for?
      Funshine Bear: An air mattress, some flannel pajamas and a warm glass of milk?
      Care Bears: (laugh)
      Bedtime Bear: Huh? Popcorn. Nothing goes with a good story like popcorn.

    • Wish Cub: (singing) If wishes were fishes / And soup bowls were dishes / I'd make something delicious for you.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • A brief allusion is made to the previous CGI feature, Journey to Joke-a-lot when it's mentioned during a Care-a-Lot steering committee meeting that Princess Gig from Joke-a-Lot will be paying a visit to Care-a-Lot.