Care Bears

Season 6 Episode 90

Birthday Bear Blues

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Nov 28, 1987 on ABC



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    • Birthday Bear: Friendship is something you can't put a price tag on. The only way to make friends is to be one.

    • Birthday Bear: Well, great toys are nice, Charles, but a birthday party just isn't a party without people to share the fun with.

    • Birthday Bear: Hi there. Are you Charles?
      Charles: Yeah. Who wants to know?
      Birthday Bear: Birthday Bear, that's who. Why so glum, chum?
      Charles: 'Cause no one came to my party. I promised the kids at school the best party they ever had, but no one came.
      Birthday Bear: Well, they might have had a good reason, Charles. Maybe their invitations got lost in the mail.
      Charles: No, they didn't come because they just don't like me.
      Birthday Bear: I'm sure that isn't true, Charles. I'll bet if we ask the kids together, they'd come to your party.
      Charles: Do you really think so?
      Birthday Bear: I know so, 'cause I'm Birthday Bear. Let's go.

    • Tender Heart: A little boy named Charles is very sad because everyone has forgotten his birthday. And since birthdays are your specialty, maybe you can cheer him up.
      Birthday Bear: He's not the only one who needs cheering up.

    • No Heart: (As the Care Bear Family stares him while in tiger form in the maze) This time I'M supposed to win!

    • No Heart: (after the Care Bears defeat his vulture form with yet another stare, they leave laughing) Did you hear that, Beastly?! They were laughing at ME! (Beastly begins chuckling) NO ONE laughs at No Heart! YOU HEAR ME?! NO ONE!!!!!
      Mr. Beastly: (Trips over himself at No Heart's bellow) Whoa! I hear you, boss. (we hear bell buoy chime) And when the ringing stops, I'll hear even better!
      No Heart: I must find a way to finish those Care Bears, once and for all! AND I WILL! (turns into a tornado)
      Mr. Beastly: No, boss! I get airsick! And I hate flying by tornado!

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