Care Bears

Season 7 Episode 2

Care Bear Movie 2: The New Generation

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Mar 21, 1986 on ABC

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  • Cool Movie

    i love this movie, i recently got the DVD, I would love to see the care bnears drink from bottles in more movies like this. my favorite song is "I Care For You" it is the best song, i could listen to it at least 100 tiems a day, and i would see the care bears drinking from their bottles and see the bottles on the shelg in the heart cabinet, that's why I would love to dsee them drinking from bnttles. I want to see Dawm Christy and John drink from bottles too. the besy spmg pm that movie is "I Care For You" and see the care bears as babies again would be great, and they should stay babies for 7 million years :)
  • Before they became Care Bears and Care Bear Cousin.

    This is the story of how the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins cubs and how they became Care Bears and Care Bears Cousin before they begin their mission of caring.Noble Heart Horse and True Heart Bear founded the care bear family.Their first dealing mission is to help an lonely girl Chrisy also to deal with the evil Dark Heart.Who plan to destory the goodness and the world of caring.After making an bargen with Chrissy,of trapping the care bears help capturing them also that she would be Camp Champ.However in the learn she learned an lesson of making the big mistake of helping him capture the Care bears.

    It was an great movie.However in my opinion.This should've been the first movie and the other movie the second movie.