Care Bears

Season 7 Episode 1

Care Bear Movie

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Mar 23, 1985 on ABC

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  • This is a great long mystery to solve

    This movie is the best mystery cartoon movie ever, Mr. Cherrywood tells the story of the biggest mystery Kim and Jason and the care bears must solve of a spellmaster who must be defeated. Kim and Jason with the help of the care bears solve this mystery and get new parents at the end. This mystery is the best, Jason solves the mystery with the help of his friends by clodsing the book and locking it with the key from his overalls pocket. Sucess! the mystery is solved and Kim and Jason and the care bears solve the biggest mystery of all time. Then they get new parents.
  • The most greatest episode

    Basicly its all Mr.Cherriwood retelling the story of how the Care Bears saved Nickloas from the evil spirit.Plus helping Kim and Jason.Tenderheart tries to help Nickolas who was an lonely boy with no friends.But when Nicklolas opened the book which had an evil spirit.She told him that she could help him make friends.Which he believed however in the end the spirit tooked him over and corrupted the whole town of people who don't care.Also Friend Bear,Secret Bear,Kim and Jason got to meet Brave Heart,Playful Heart,and Swift Heart Rabbit.Also the rest of the care bear cousins.Together they defeated the evil spirit and won.Now the care bear cousins are part of the Care Bear family.

    This was an awsome first movie!
  • One of my childhood all-time classics, also one of the few era defining childrens movies.

    The Care Bears first movie was a huge success in England, for me, it was a huge excitement buzz, I remember as a kid seeing the forthcoming attraction posters and seeing the Care Bear poster and I was so hyper, I was already a huge fan and now a movie!?! Yay! The months drifted by and the movie finally arrived in Threatres and didn't disappoint, the overall plot, the animation and the songs was totally awesome, even though they was offically introducing the 'Care Bear Cousins' they had already appeared in the cartoon series so they wasn't a totally big suprise, some minor funny mistakes but other than that, totally awesome!