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ABC (ended 1988)

Professor Cold Heart or No Heart

What villain team do you prefer?

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    [1]Jun 29, 2007
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    I have been rediscovering this show, and I forgot how good it was, at least for what it was intended.The bears and their cousins were good characters, but for me I loved the villains. I am a person that loves excellent villains, weather comedic villains like Dr. Drakken from Kim Possible or serious villain like Slade from Teen Titans, I appreciate those characters.

    I know there is a poll comparing the DIC version and the Neviana version, but I am going to be more pacific, and get straight to the point. Which villain team do you prefer Professor Cold Heart or No Heart?

    I don't just mean those individual villains, I am talking comparing the whole package that is factoring the sidekicks into the equation.

    This is hard, Professor Cold Heart is funny yet still imposses a threat, but No Heart is just plan bad. I guess it depends what kind of mood your in.

    If it comes down to sidekicks, no offense to Frostbite or Auntie Frezze, but the edge goes to No Heart. Frostbite is an okay villain sidekick, but he needs Cold Heart to play his role, Beastly can carry an episode by himself and he is hillarous, Beastly has appeared in more episodes than any villain.

    Auntie Freeze wasn't in that many episodes, though the wedding episode with Cold Heart was funny, comparing her to Shrieky, Shrieky got the edge in my opinion.

    That being said, it it hard to decide,there is no wrong choice, they were all great villains.

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    [2]Jun 30, 2007
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    No Heart for sure had the decisive edge. And you're right, Cold Heart did have his moments.
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    [3]May 4, 2008
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    I hated Professor Cold Heart, I love Mr. Beastly more, but since this poll is based on the boss villians, I'll go with No-Heart, just because of his affiliation with Mr. Beastly. In fact I disliked the episodes with Professor Cold Heart/Frost Bite so much, that I made out a list of all the episodes and highlighted in red which episodes animations contained Cold Heart so if I rent/copy off Netflix or buy VHS tapes, I can emliminate him. I liked episodes and animation versions that contained Mr. Beastly, and in that episode list, I made an indication of which episodes contained Beastly for when I rent DVDs or buy VHS later.

    Again, I love Beastly, I dislike Cold Heart and Frost Bite episodes.

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    [4]May 29, 2009
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    defiantly No-Heart.
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    [5]May 30, 2009
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    No Heart was cool.
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    [6]Jul 29, 2013
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    No Heart gets my vote. His malevolence and deliberate evil, not to mention his wicked laugh and shapeshifting scenes take the cutesiness off the show. Even in the otherwise overly saccharine "Care-A-Lot's Birthday" episode, the climactic scene in which he chases the Care Bears as a rhinoceros helps kill the treacly stuff. Although if you ask me, his most menacing appearances are in "Grumpy's Three Wishes" and "Birthday Bear's Blues", particularly when he takes on the form of a tiger in the latter. Chris Wiggins does an excellent job with the voice, too.

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