Care Bears

Season 6 Episode 21

Grumpy's Three Wishes

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Feb 06, 1988 on ABC

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  • Grumpy rises to the occasion

    This is one of the best episodes in the show. Grumpy shows that while he lives up to his name, he still rises to the occasion to do what he feels is right. Both of his confrontation scenes with No Heart as he chases him in bull form are epic. There's also an important lesson to be learned that it takes more than good luck clovers, wishes, and magic to stand up to bullies. Only drawback: Beastly gets very annoying.
  • Grumpy 3 wishes and yes he the star of the show well his turn to shine.

    No Heart shadows are doing some nasty stuff around with kids.Grumpy Bear with Good Luck Bear and Wish Bear.He finds an 4 leaf clover.Good Luck Bear thinks its his lucky day.However he doesn't believed it.But when he encounter an boy name Alvin who was being or was about to picked on by an bully.His first wish that the bully would go away and he did.Alvin thinks that Grumpy is strong and can do anything with his Good Luck Charm.Too bad he used up his wishes with the 4 leaf clover when No Heart came to destory Care A Lot.In the end,Grumpy saves Care A Lot.

    This is an awsome episode.Grumpy saved the day.It was funny when Tenderheart was calling and Grumpy was liked "No its Happy Bear of course its me" that was funny.