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  • Care Bears was one of the amazing 80s childrens shows, nothing beats the 80s!

    The Care Bears are a family of bears each with a special symbol and mission, in the first movie they are introduced to there long lost cousins and the adventures continue. Obviously, no goody goodies are complete without bad guys trying to ruin there day, in the first few seasons, Professor Coldheart is always trying to freeze childrens feelings and turn them into green meanies.

    In later seasons, Professor Coldheart is replaced by No-Heart, which is an evil sorceror and his assistant, Mr Beastly.

    The Care Bears was highly successful in the 80s, having three movies, a huge array of toys and these days, they are back! Yay!

    Care Bears Stare!!
  • One of the classic 80's cartoon,that is making an comeback.

    Care Bears is about the bears watching over earth and if the kids have bad feelings they are there to cheer them up and defeat all those who want the world to be uncaring.If the Caring Metor reaches Zero,than Care A lot is destoryed.This show is one of the classic cartoon's that was seen on Disney channel.I used to watched this show when it was on tv.I have all the tv shows recorded on tape.I thought it would be over.But I am surprise that the 80 cartoon's are making an big comeback now.I mean they had created new movies with the Care Bears,with new Care Bears on the TV CGI Animation.
  • Great show, bring it back , is it still on pbs? come on bring it back!

    i love care bears , please bring it back! please please bring it back, i absolutley love care bears ! there too cute!!!!!!! come on please, but disney channel is still showing some of there movie way way once in a while!i have some of there music! i love care bears!

    I wish they would bring the care bears cartoons back. Now I have alot of Care Bears stuffed animals. Now I can still tell you who is favorite was love a lot, and Funshine. I really wish they would bring this show back. This show has alot of value and teaches kids the importance of caring. I also like shows like my little pony and Casper and The littles. I just don't know why today all the shows are filled with violence and a bunch of potty mouth. I hope you all agree with what I'm saying about the shows.
  • Now this was a good cartoon show...

    I wish they would bring the care bears cartoons back. Now I had also had all of care bears stuffed animals till my house was burnt down. Now I can still tell you who is favorite was love a lot, and tenderheart. Because I was the type who wore her heart on her sleeve.
  • I used to love the Care Bears when I was little! I even had a Care Bears book shelf that I used to hold all my shoes. (it was a little bookshelf)

    If this show were still on I would probably watch it. I don't care much for the new ones. They don't look right. I miss the old Care Bears. I might have a Care Bear at my parent's house still. I have one of those Care Bear keychains though. I love that show!
  • Care Bears!!

    Oh! I love Care Bears. They send me right back into my living room in the early 80's... I was about 4. They are so cute and happy. I will love Care Bears until I die. It's a classic cartoon. When they brought it back I almost peed myself. Ok, Bye.
  • I love them!

    Love-a-Lot is my favorite Care Bear. My favorite movies are the second one and the Nutcracker Suite. Both of them are awesome. I hate the new version for the most part, but they're still cute. I like the regular story plots of them going down to Earth to help kids, but the prehistoric and "star trek" story lines were kinda stupid.
  • Awesome.

    Unbeknownst to most people, I actually still go to Movie Gallery and rent the videos containing episodes of this show. Care Bears was a good show in its time, and, when people actually pay attention to it, it still is. It's hard to find a pure, good natured show like this with no violence or anything besides the ones on PBS kids. I would reccomend this show.
  • 80's cartoons are surely the best.

    I absolutely adored the care bears when I was little. I always always watched it on disney. They were too cute for words, honestly. And c'mon, don't we all miss the cartoons where you learned a lesson at the end of each episode. I know I'm the amazingly sweet girl that I am today because of shows like this ;]

    I wish they'd bring this show back. I am twenty years old and I still watch this show. I still even collect care bear stuff. Maybe too much.

    Nothing will ever beat the wonderful original care bears. The new ones just can't compare =)
  • Good TV show

    This is a really good.
  • I love carebears they are soi cute i love coleting the bears as in when they are

    The Care Bears keep watch over the earth to keep bad feelings at bay. Whenever a kid is feeling down, they are there to help bring a smile to the child's face. They live in a city in the sky, named Care-A-Lot. They hold meetings in the Hall of Caring to discuss important matters. Their cousins live in the Forest of Feelings. The Care Bear Cousins' leader is Braveheart Lion. Each bear and cousin has a special power, related to the symbol on its tummy. When they unite, they can use the Care Bear Stare to beam good energy at their enemies, such as No Heart, Professor Cold Heart, Shrieky, and Beastly. The bears have two modes of transportation, Cloudmobiles and Rainbow Rollers, which they fly down to earth on whenever there is trouble. They are alerted to problems by the Care-O-Meter. The Care Bears Family combined old episodes of Care Bears with new ones.
  • Childhood memories.

    Okay, I'm writing a review on this show just to say this. I don't really care if they bring the Care Bear series back or not just Stop Making Them 3D !!!!! 3rd deminsional Care Bears are freaking creepy okay ! I remember the days when The Care Bears was a cute 2D cartoon made for kids. Now its no longer a series but they do make little movies with the Bears in 3D. I was channel flipping and came across a station showing one movie. If another movie is made, I am begging Please Don't Make Them 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Carebears good for children and nostalgic value

    My love for care bears is purely based out of my nostalgic values. What can I say? I'm a care bear kid. I still own all my old vhs tapes that I watched over and over again (along with MLP). The storylines are weak and when I watch these shows as an adult with my kids I realize how awful they really are, but that's not really the point. The show was directed at kids and it stayed at their level. This is just a colorful childrens show and it did well enough embedding itself in the growing generation's minds to spark a return in recent years. Although the new care bears is arguably worse than the old version.
  • Care bears are the best bears in the world.

    Care bears are the original bears and i love them. i have 35 bears total and i really like the bears because you can love them and squize them and talk to them when you are feeling down and they are the most caring bears on the earth.I have 16 total DVD's but i am going to sell them on ebay and make alot of money. I have out grown care bears and are into the jonas brothers and miley cyrus. I lovae care bears so much and the show is ok but they could have brang back cold heart and auntie freeze.
  • I love these guys!

    I havent watched this show in what seems to be millenia but i do remember that i watched this when i was alone because it was seen as a show for little kids and girls, i din't care at all about that i liked their cars made of clouds and those cool rainbows they used to defend themselves. I also liked very much the wa the care bears were always so compromised in helpin others and thats a really good example for kids today where all we see are super violent heroes, the carebears did it in a nicer and puffy way.
  • To be honest, I would have preferred to spend my time elsewhere than finish watching this.

    To be honest, I would have preferred to spend my time elsewhere than finish watching this. However, I kept thinking that there is great potential behind this and I was half right. There was potential to say the least but this potential was poorly exploited leaving a show that is half decent. Nonetheless, you really have to see Care Bears to get what I'm talking about.
  • The Care Bears spread feelings of love and caring to the world.

    Care Bears was one of the great cartoons of the 1980's. The adventures of Tenderheart, Cheer, Love-a-Lot, Friend, Birthday, Funshine, Good Luck, Wish, Bedtime and Grumpy Bear were perfect examples to children of helping making friends, caring about others, sharing their feeling, and other positive morals. Even with the additions of newer Bears and the Care Bear Cousins they kept a pretty rock solid standard of ethics anyone could admire and aspire to.

    As time went by, the Bears sort of lost their focus. Their stories became very repetitive. Or just silly little adventures with no point or purpose. And with such a large cast, the focus eventually shifted to a small handful. And to try and keep up with the times, several attempts were made to keep the stories interesting: giving the Bears and Cusins clothes, setting the stories during the Stone Age or on a 'Star Trek'-like spaceship.

    Now they have undergone a renewed interest with CGI movies, more new Bears and altering a few of the old ones. The show can be a little silly compared to today's standards and even boring, considering modern attention spans. But the they are also doorways to the past, to a simpler time in your life. People were less cynical, kids didn't grow up as fast, and a cartoon about loving animals helped shape your personality. Sit down with an old favorite episode and think about how it has influenced you.
  • its soooooo just not good anymore.

    my brother has a dvd of a few episodes.... i cant stand it.
  • Magical bears?! O-kay...

    Okay, so magical bears oversee the world's troubles and try to help to solve kids problems. Although, I must admit, it is appealing and someone can like it easily, but if the overall plot of the show was improved, or different altogether, I'd probably even like the show. But, it depends on the person.
  • its a little kids show. the writers try and make the show serios, but blues clues is more serios than this. Heck mabe barney is more serios. care bears makes tellitubbies look likescience professers. they always try and make everything happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    plus it bugs me how the ending is always happy and never is little cousin made me watch the show. thats when me and the carebears became enmies. after she left for new york i thought iwould never hear of the afuwl care beares ever again, I WAS WRONG. my little sister loved the show so much she bought tons of care bears that could talk. they said annoying stuff like lets be friends or i love you. im just saying care bears will take over little kids minds and make them buy care bears stuff. i also hate how the bad guys never do anything bad, like they will just not say please or thank you.
  • Dont Bring it back.

    My 2nd Review after Garfield and Friends. Care bears are made in 1981 and the show comes on in 1985 but I hate this show sorry. And my Mum hates care bears and so was my Dad and my brother Jack know as Schroder123 so my Mum saids they so nice and make me sick thats my Mum saids.
    So Dont watch that show or buy it at toys so i hate it!
    The show it ended about 1988 or I dont know to witch one.
    So get over with Care bears It stinks!
    So dont ever watch that show dont Bring it back! Or watch there no! Thats all for that.