Care Bears

ABC (ended 1988)





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  • The Care Bears spread feelings of love and caring to the world.

    Care Bears was one of the great cartoons of the 1980's. The adventures of Tenderheart, Cheer, Love-a-Lot, Friend, Birthday, Funshine, Good Luck, Wish, Bedtime and Grumpy Bear were perfect examples to children of helping making friends, caring about others, sharing their feeling, and other positive morals. Even with the additions of newer Bears and the Care Bear Cousins they kept a pretty rock solid standard of ethics anyone could admire and aspire to.

    As time went by, the Bears sort of lost their focus. Their stories became very repetitive. Or just silly little adventures with no point or purpose. And with such a large cast, the focus eventually shifted to a small handful. And to try and keep up with the times, several attempts were made to keep the stories interesting: giving the Bears and Cusins clothes, setting the stories during the Stone Age or on a 'Star Trek'-like spaceship.

    Now they have undergone a renewed interest with CGI movies, more new Bears and altering a few of the old ones. The show can be a little silly compared to today's standards and even boring, considering modern attention spans. But the they are also doorways to the past, to a simpler time in your life. People were less cynical, kids didn't grow up as fast, and a cartoon about loving animals helped shape your personality. Sit down with an old favorite episode and think about how it has influenced you.