Care Bears

ABC (ended 1988)





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  • its a little kids show. the writers try and make the show serios, but blues clues is more serios than this. Heck mabe barney is more serios. care bears makes tellitubbies look likescience professers. they always try and make everything happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    plus it bugs me how the ending is always happy and never is little cousin made me watch the show. thats when me and the carebears became enmies. after she left for new york i thought iwould never hear of the afuwl care beares ever again, I WAS WRONG. my little sister loved the show so much she bought tons of care bears that could talk. they said annoying stuff like lets be friends or i love you. im just saying care bears will take over little kids minds and make them buy care bears stuff. i also hate how the bad guys never do anything bad, like they will just not say please or thank you.