Care Bears - Season 1

ABC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • The Pirate Treasure
    Episode 14
    Beastly takes Champ and Treat Heart prisoner on the high seas and Hugs and Tugs try to save them with the help of a pirate.
  • Birthday
    Episode 13
    When Birthday Bear tries to get Lotsa Heart Elephant to remember whether or not it’s his birthday, a look back at Lotsa Heart’s last birthday turns into a party in its own right. Camp Sanford and Murphy become bunkmates at Summer camp and realise what opposites they are – Sanford is neat and well-organised, while Murphy is a slob. When a series of mishaps occur, mostly die to Murphy’s messiness, Sanford seriously considers ending the friendship.moreless
  • Under The Big Top
    Under The Big Top
    Episode 12
    Brave Heart and Grumpy help a small boy be part of the circus unaware that the evil duo Beastly and Shreeky are out to trap them.
  • 9/23/85
    The Care Bears help a young girl try to stop Shreeky's plan to turn the forest of Feelings into a gnarled wasteland.
  • Birthday Bear's Blues
    Birthday Bear thinks the others have forgotten his birthday. No Heart tricks the Care Bears and Cousins into entering a magical maze. Can Birthday Bear save them?
  • Order on the Court
    Episode 10

    The Care Bear Cousins finally have a chance to win the annual basketball game, that is, if Lotsa Heart doesn't blow it.

  • Cheer Of The Jungle
    Cheer, a city girl, visits Champ in the jungle but soon learns not to judge something by looks alone.
  • Camp
    Episode 8
    Sanford and Murphy become bunkmates at summer camp and realise what opposites they are - Sandford is neat and well-organised, while Murphy is a slob. When a series of mishaps occur, mostly due to Murphy's messiness, Sandford seriously considers ending the friendship.
  • Coconut Crazy
    Coconut Crazy
    Episode 7
    Brave Heart doesn't think much of Bright Heart's zany inventions but soon changes his tune when one of them saves Cavetown.
  • Desert Gold
    Episode 6
    Hugs and Tugs try to help Brave Heart and Shreeky from getting a map, which will lead them to a valley of gold.
  • The Space Bubbles
    The Space Bubbles
    Episode 5
    When the Care Bears help a marooned Space Clown, Grumpy unfortunately gets the brunt of the Clown's practical jokes.
  • The Turnabout
    Episode 4
    When No Heart creates a fog to keep the Care Bears from helping people, Braveheart puts the Care Bear team in charge of putting the Caring Beacon in the tower and watching Hugs and Tugs. Champ tells Cheer and Treatheart to watch the cubs, but Cheers dares him and Brightheart to watch them instead. So the girls keep watch over the beacon and the boys watches the cubs.moreless
  • Tugs The Brave
    Episode 3
    Little Tugs tries to be like his hero Brave Heart but realizes he'd rather be himself when he confronts a dangerous dinosaur.
  • Lotsa Heart's Wish
    Lotsa Heart's Wish
    Episode 2
    After helping a unicorn, Forest Ranger Lotsa Heart is granted three wishes with unexpected results. He then decides that being a forest ranger is the right thing for him.
  • 9/9/85
    A wild animal Cheer brings aboard the S.S. Friendship creates so much trouble that she soon learns animals should remain in the wild.
  • Care Bears in the Land of No Feelings
    The Care Bears are sent out on a mission to bring caring to a black and white land with no feelings, which is easier said than done as all the people who live in this land are entirely in black and white and don't want any feelings. Or rather, almost none of them do. One girl is still in color and wants to help the Care Bears, but if the Care Bears are going to succeed, they're going to have to act fast to find and get rid of a beautiful but dangerous crystal which has robbed and is robbing the citizens (and anybody else who enters this no-feeling land) of their colors and their feelings. It's going to take a lot of caring in order for the Care Bears to overcome the great odds and bring caring back to the Land of No Feelings.moreless