Care Bears - Season 6

ABC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Birthday Bear Blues
    Episode 90

    When the Care Bears forget Birthday Bear's birthday, they become trapped in a maze by No Heart.

  • The fate of Toyland rests in the hands of the Care Bears, their friends and Nutcracker as they make their stand in a final confrontation with the evil Vizier.
  • 11/5/88
    As the Care Bears, their newfound friends and the Nutcracker, journey through Toyland, the evil Vizier tries to stop them at all cost.
  • 11/5/88
    The Care Bears meet a girl named Anna, her little brother Peter and the Nutcracker as they find out Toyland has been taken over by the evil Vizier.
  • The Fabulous Safety Game, A Rhyme in Time
    Grumpy hosts a new quiz game where contestants Hugs, Tugs and Mrs. Beastly tell us what they know about safety. While Grams reads Hugs and Tugs safety rhymes, the Cubs daydream and act out their own versions of what they've heard.
  • 2/6/88
    Grumpy helps a boy named Alvin gain confidence and must build up his own as he accepts the challenge to fight No Heart and save Care-A-Lot! Lucky for him he has a magic clover that grants wishes. Too bad that he's not a very good wisher.
  • The Cloud Monster
    The Cloud Monster
    Episode 20
    When Beastly ruins No-Heart's experiment to create a creature that would stop the Care Bears, Beastly creates a cloud monster. Shreeky uses the monster to eat the clouds of Care-A-Lot. Meanwhlie Brightheart is creating a cloud making machine that can get Beastly and Shreeky trapped in clouds instead of going to tummy symbol practice like Braveheart wants him to. When the monster attacks, Brightheart ruins the team's care bear stare. He later uses his machine to stop the monster.moreless
  • Home Safety Video
    Home Safety Video
    Episode 19
    The Care Bears explain what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to being safe around the house with Beastly providing the wrong answers and Brave Heart Lion providing the right answers.
  • The Last Laugh
    The Last Laugh
    Episode 18
    When Cheer Bear can’t get Grumpy Bear to smile, she feels inadequate. Even Swift Heart Rabbit’s attempt to engage the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins in a variety show can’t put a smile on that grumpy face.
  • 1/9/88
    Grumpy wants to see his little dinosaur friend again but has more to contend with when Shreeky and Beastly attack Cavetown and only he can defend it.
  • 1/2/88
    The Care Bears try to help a boy named Dale not knowing that No Heart is planning to unleash a 'Cloud of Uncaring' on the world.
  • The Care Fair Scare
    The Care Fair Scare
    Episode 15
    The Care Bears organize a fair to cheer children up and make them happy but Shreeky and Beastly are determined to destroy it.
  • Split Decision
    Split Decision
    Episode 14
    Carl and Maria’s friendship is threatened when she is chosen to be the pitcher on their softball team, while Carl must play in the “boring” outfield.
  • 12/12/87
    The evil Sour Sam is out to ruin Thanksgiving with his Crabby Apple Pies and only the Care Bears can stop him.
  • Caring For Spring
    Episode 12
    Mother Nature is captured by the witch of winter, and if Hugs and Tugs don't rescue her by sunset, it will be winter forever.
  • The Caring Crystals
    Episode 10
    Grumpy must save the day when No Heart unleashes his evil bubbles of uncaring on a village.
  • The Purple Chariot
    The Purple Chariot
    Episode 9
    Grams tells the story of ancient Rome where Champ tries to turn Brave Heart back into the champion chariot racer he once was.
  • Forest of Misfortune
    Professor Coldheart and Frostbite plant a “Fortune-telling machine” in the Forest of Feelings in order to fool Good Luck Bear, so that they can cut the Forest of Feelings off from Care-A-Lot.
  • Bedtime For Care-A-Lot
    Bedtime Bear is the only one who can save the other Care Bears who have been put to sleep by Noheart's magical sleeping sand.
  • 10/24/87
    The Care Bears discover a startling secret! In their baby picture photo album, there are two bears in there that the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins know absolutely nothing about. They decide to try and find them so that they can be welcomed to the family of caring Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins. Although the two Panda Care Bears mean well, they have a great difficulty controlling their Care Bear stares.moreless
  • Drab City
    Drab City
    Episode 5
    When the Care Bears land near a grey town full of uncaring people, called Drab City, a little girl named Jill helps the Care Bears and Cousins discover the source of everyone’s drabness.
  • The Music Video
    The Music Video
    Episode 4
    The Care Bears visit a singing minstrel in the enchanting town of Musicland.
  • 10/3/87
    Hugs and Tugs learn that just because someone acts or looks different dosn't mean they're not
  • 9/26/87
    Trouble starts when the crew of the SS Friendship become obsessed with opening a box to be delivered to an alien planet.
  • 9/19/87
    No Heart unleashes a terrible demon to try and destroy the Care Bears as the drive a herd of helpless little stars to Big Star Point.