Care Bears - Season 7

ABC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Big Wish Movie
    Big Wish Movie
    Episode 5
    In the second CGI Care Bears movie, viewers are taken back to when Wish Bear and her good friend Twinkers the wishing star met for the first time.

    Back in the present, Wish Bear is using Twinkers' wishing power to help out her friends, but doesn't realize that all her wishes only seem to be creating problems.

    During the weekly Care Bears steering-committee meeting, there's some disturbing new business - it turns out that the meter that keeps track of how much caring there is in Care-a-Lot is trending towards the not-so-much side. Furthermore, the problems created by Wish Bear's wishes are a big part of the meeting agenda.

    The Care Bears consider the problem and decide to have a special month in which they focus extra-hard on caring and tell Wish Bear that just making wishes won't solve the problem.

    Wish Bear laments to herself that she didn't realize that the other Care Bears don't like her wishes. She wishes for some new friends that like wishing as much as she does and soon three new bears come storming into Care-a-Lot in a beaten-down, old car --- Too Loud Bear, Me Bear and Messy Bear.

    Everyone welcomes them to Care-a-Lot, but things only go from bad to worse as their behavior creates some big problems.moreless
  • Journey to Joke-a-Lot
    A disagreement causes Funshine Bear to leave Care-A-Lot and look for someplace where his jokes will be appreciated without hurting anyone's feelings. It's the type of thing that probably could be resolved with an apology and a little listening, but intentions are misinterpreted in the heat of the moment. As Funshine Bear ends up being crowned king of a village called Joke-A-Lot, a group of his friends work to bring him back to Care-A-Lot. None of them, however, realize that they're playing right into the plan of a villain called "Funnybone."moreless
  • Care Bears in Wonderland
    When Wonderland's princess is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, the white rabbit goes to his friends the Care Bears to help him find an exact double of the princess. After searching around the entire world, Grumpy Bear discovers Alice, a shy little girl who thinks there's nothing special about her. But when Alice is faced with the Princess Test, she has to prove that she is special, while preventing the sorcerer from being crowned king.moreless
  • Care Bear Movie 2: The New Generation
    True Heart and Noble Heart are given some cubs who soon become the Care Bear family. They all team up to go against an evil demon named Dark Heart who plans their demise by using a troubled young girl named Christy to lure them into his trap.
  • Care Bear Movie
    Care Bear Movie
    Episode 1
    Way up high where the clouds and rainbows live, the Care Bears watch over the Earth, making sure everyone is kind and friendly to one another. When they see an evil spirit trick a lonely boy, Nicholas, into making people mean, the lovable Care Bears jump into action. Along with Kim and Jason, and the Care Bear Cousins from the Forest of Feelings, they come to the rescue- but it's going to take an awful lot of love to break the spirits powerful spell.moreless