Carl Squared

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Carl Squared

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Carl Squared is about a 14 year old teenager who was complaining on the internet about his life and got spammed by a cloning company. Carl, as a joke sent some DNA, and let Rex, Carl's dog, lick the stamp. By mistake Rex's spit was mixed in with the DNA and 6-8 weeks later Carl at his door got C2 with 5% dog dna.

In each episode of Carl Squared something goes wrong because of C2 or a problem occurred and Carl needs C2 to fix it.

Carl Crashman Carl is a lazy teen who likes playing video games and skateboarding. Carl tells C2 to always do his school work and other stuff that Carl doesn't wanna do.

C2 C2 is the clone of Carl, who doesn't mind doing Carl's slack. C2 doesn't know much about whats right and wrong in a teenagers life and causes problems with Carl.

Jamie James Carl's best friend. Jamie likes anything to do with videoing and computers. Jamie is the only one that know about C2 except for Carl, C2, and Rex the dog. Skye Blue Carl's Girlfriend, Carl really likes Skye but always forgets what to say and doesn't like helping Skye with her Charity's and such. Lorna Lookman Lorna has a big crush on Carl, and Carl just plain doesn't like Lorna. Lorna is very annoying and trys to spy on Carl and talk to Carl.

Chloe Crashman Carl's sister, The Damsel of Darkness. Chloe doesn't like Carl at all and trys not to talk to him. Chloe is a goth and her boyfriend is Damien, Prince of Darkness.

Janit Crashman Janit Crashman is a psychiatrist and Carl's mom. Carl calls her Dr. Mom and Janit keeps on trying to find out why Carl acts like two Carl's.

Barney Crashman Barney Crashman is a inventor and Carl's dad. Barney uses and trys to fix his most popular invention, the breakfast dispenser. Barney trys making different types of food for his family that are healthy, but fails.

Mr Agar Carl's homeroom teacher. Mr. Agar has a lot against Carl and his sister. He always think that Carl did something bad when most of the time he didn't.moreless

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