Season 1 Episode 8

Lonnigan, Texas

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on HBO

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  • Love is all around

    Once again Carnivale manages to impress me, when is this show going bad?

    I’m especially fascinated by Ben, this time the show opens with him having a dream about the war, him being some soldier without legs and only an arm. When he wakes up he takes off his blanket and he misses an arm and his legs. Then he sees Justin watching him until he wakes up for real. He has all his body parts only that creepy old blind man is staring at him this time.

    Then Samson sends Ben in town, he has to find some claw hand girl. On the way he meets some strange man who gives him the wrong direction. But eventually he gets there, the same man is there as well and Ben decides to steal his ring for some reason. When he goes back he meets some old man who recognises him from the news paper where Ben is listed as wanting.

    I also really enjoyed the Sophie/Libby storyline. I don’t think Rita is a bad person but just like Jonesey, she manages to do everything wrong. After watching the two girls enjoying dancing together she asks Sophie to dance in the show. Sophie’s mom isn’t in for that and they slap each other./ Sophie dances but a man tries to rip off her clothes and Jonesey protects her. After that Rita fires her. It’s still very obvious the two girls have it in for each other and that’s what makes them so enjoyable. Their flirting and love, even their fights were sweet.

    Justin in this episode is locked in an insane Asylum. His scenes were rather creepy and his scene with a doctor you expected him to kill the doctor but instead he told the doc he had misspelled a word. His scenes were once again powerful and I think those insane people knew that he had special powers.

    I also liked the Felix/ Rita storyline. He isn’t ready for her and sees how Jonesey needs a woman so he tells him to have sex with Rita. both don’t want to at first until she begins to kiss him. So far I haven’t been happy with any sex scene, they seem so useless. Until this one, it has to be one of the most emotional and passionate sex scenes ever on tv. Both Rita and Jonesey were afraid of something, he was afraid that she would reject him for his knee and she didn’t know what love was for a while. She kisses him there and he begins to cry, both get very emotional and have one of the best sex scenes on the show so far.

    At the end of the episode when Ben comes back, the guy he stole a ring from is also there. When Samson is going into his little hock he finds the blind old man talking to the invisible thing, it asks him to leave them and there is something with the same mark as the ring.

    This episode leaves you begging for more. The writing and acting was once again superb. This show is officially one of the best shows ever.
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