Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2003 on HBO

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  • Strange, stranger, strangest

    A very strange, awkward but good episode. I wouldn’t call it the BEST pilot ever because it starts just very slow and confusing, but it gets much better towards the end.

    It all begins very strange, first some people dig up a dead body and then they destroy someone’s house. As strange as it was, the story continues in a church where an old lady steals a coin of some kind and then when she starts praying with the pastor she starts to puke out lots of coins. I was like, WHAT? I didn’t get who or what was the pastor, he comes back later in the episode where it rains on him, blood I think it was. I was totally confused.

    So anyway, a guy is brought to a house and a woman looks at him and thinks he’s cute, she asks a mind reader to reads his dreams but when he looks into them he sees some big horrors about a man running from something….or something.

    So the dude, he begins to act rude against everyone and nobody really likes him, until he goes to a woman who’s child had just died. He’s able to make her calm and realise he’s dead, then the woman finally lets lose of her dead son (which was touchy scene)

    So then, another freak called Sophie goes out of the city, they don’t want freaks over there and try to rape her. Ben is able to save her and they sort of fall inlove. She wants to read his cards and so she does. THAT”S where the goodness of the episode really begins. When it all gets explained a bit, so his powers were that he could bring back dead things to live. His mother said he was a Satan’s child and thought he was cursed and that’s why he hid his powers.

    At the end of the episode, the young man goes to a girl who couldn’t walk. He puts his hands on her legs and is able to cure her.

    The episode was impressive, specially the end. A big part of the episode was too weird and I wasn’t able to get it.