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  • Carnivale is (was) one of the best shows that HBO ever had to offer. Nothing else can compare to the fascinating story of good versus evil, the characters, and the anticipation of the next episode. Quality television, buried alive.

    Carnivale is one of the best series HBO has ever aired. One can only hope that the story will be continued and the final battle of good and evil will be played out. Perhaps some other network will be looking at the possibility of continuing the story. Every Sunday Night, my wife and I would be glued to the television, not wanting to miss even a second of this fascinating and captivating series. Taping every episode, just in case we missed a single line was standard practice. The program has a most interesting premise and setting. The characters, story line, plots, and twists all leave the viewer wanting it to never end. Truly, Carnivale is great TV. Why HBO would opt to pull the plug on Carnivale and leave trash like Real Sex on the air is beyond me. Anyone who is a fan needs to express his or her feelings...maybe it will move someone to keep a good thing going.
  • This dust-bowl era drama held more than met the eye.

    This show will be missed in our home. We looked forward to it every week, and thanks to Tivo usually watched each episode more than once to make sure we didn't miss a thing.

    The characters were amazing and the acting was superb. Too bad that no enough people watched it. I did my best getting 10-20 people turned onto the show over the 2 year span.

    It was just too good and too expensive to keep up. Which is a shame. Once Six Feet Under ends this summer I will be canceling my HBO subscription. There just isn't anything on there to compare, and bring me back.

  • Best show on TV ever

    I have watched many shows over the years, and never have I gotten so attached to a show like Carnivale. No show that I have watched has ever come even close to the complexity and wonderful storyline than this show. This is, quite simply, the best TV show period. It really saddens me that HBO cancelled such a masterpiece only to replace it with dull teenage programming such as Entourage or The Comeback.
  • Exotique, c'est le premier mot qui me viens à l'esprit pour décrire Carnivale. S'il vous plait messieurs De HBO, faites que Carnivale reviennes pour une troisième saison.

    Une trame bien distillée, des acteurs magnifiques et un scénario à toute épreuve. un show atypique, un peu déstabilisant certes, mais tellement jouissif et tellement en contradiction avec les standards connus.
    Le show vient de se terminé en France, et je ne peux me résoudre à ne plus retrouvé Samson et toute la bande à la rentrée prochaine.

    SVP messieurs de HBO, oubliez vos objectifs de rentabilité et laissez vivre carnivale.
  • The End Times occuring in a 1930's traveling carnivale. A show to good for its time.

    Carnivale was to good of a show for its time. It was under appreciated and not understood. This was a deep show that dealt with the scary side of spirituality. This was a show that presented the fight between good and evil in a way that has never been shown before. Unfortunatly, HBO decided to cancel this masterpeice even though it got more ratings than other renewed shows. Carnivale had some interesting characters played by very talented actors. This was a very mysterious show that did not have a proper ending. There are only twenty four episodes and no conclusion. I would still recommend this show to anyone who is interested in the great depression, California's Central Valley, the Carnivale, or the book of Revelation.
  • Its good vs evil set on the backdrop of the 30\'s dust bowl era.

    This was a great show that suffered from too slow a start. it wouldn't be until season two that it got really interesting. I feel if they had sped up the pace of the show and saved some of the character development of the supporting cast till later the show might have survived.
  • While ordinarily, such a plot and such a show would be hard to swallow, if not impossible. The sheer audacity, however, is brilliantly countered by superb writing, excellent castings, perfect characterization, and the visually obvious higher standard to

    The idea of a shyster, rising to power on the winds of religion, countered by the true power hidden within a bumbling exterior, even when set in the depression of 1930's America, is by no means original. The storyline, far from being unique, would otherwise be corny and trite. The skill with which Carnivale was written, however, belies such critiques, as the show, throughout both full seasons, surpassed all expectation. The writing, superb on its own merits, was masterfully manipulated, revealing in perfect timing each new piece of the puzzle that ultimately formed. The characters, ably-acted and well written, are believable and sincere, something many such plotlines cannot claim. Finally, however, the sheer visual prowess of this HBO produced show lent credence to an otherwise tempting soap opera. While not by any means perfect, nor the best of this genre, Carnivale ranks among the best mythos story I've ever seen on television. It is both a shame and a crime that the third, potential season was canceled, leaving the story as a whole incomplete. Mythology in general is hard to manipulate, and Carnivale did a remarkable job.

    Hbo is really starting to t me off. First they scrap oz after 6 great seasons. Now they are gonna scrap carnivale after ONLY 2 seasons. Carnivale was truly original not like all these stupid crime dramas on now. So of course they gotta cancel it. HBO PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER
  • A battle between good and evil is building up in the era of the dustbowl, only to find itself fizzle out as its network makes a huge mistake and cancels it.

    A thouroughly intriguing show that captivates with wonder. I'll warn that it is very slow, but it is filled with puzzles that slowly come together to form the story that will keep you coming back for more if you can survive being ticked off when they go unaswered for a long time. It is by far one of the coolest shows on TV, actually it just got cancelled, which is why its not a 10. The story comes to an ubrupt end, almost a cliffhanger of sorts. Thus, to be a 10 it needs closure via a final season.

    My final review: definaltely worth watching if you have the patience to sit through it.
  • The slightly paranormal adventures of a carnivale traveling across the southern US in the 1930's.

    Some shows take a little time to get off the ground. It is such a shame that this one is ending. I only heard of it this year. I went back and watched season 1 and was instantly hooked. Since then, I\'ve told friends about it, and they love it too. I am so disappointed that it is over...but isn\'t that the way with so many great shows.

    I think a reason why it might not have got the viewership it deserved is that it had a slightly lagged pace. I, personally, enjoyed it, but I can see how someone might get bored.

    If you\'ve never watched, you should definitely check it out.
  • One of the freshest and boldest fantasy shows ever made. I only hope that some network exec has the sense to pick this series up for another season or two (are you listening, Scifi Network?)

    Wow! What a show! Fresh! Frightening! Funny! (Samson is always good for a chuckle)

    Hard to believe they decided to drop it, as it has a huge following, and good ratings for a sci-fi show on a network (HBO) that's not especially known for sci-fi stuff.

    This show has scenes and images I will never forget. It was only just getting started, with really only the introduction to the story being told.

    This show (and it's EXCELLENT cast), have so much more to offer both the audience and the intelligent network that snatches it up for renewal.

    Us fans can just hope and pray.
  • The supernatural show that can connect to just about everyone.

    This show is absolutely wonderful. What was HBO thinking when they axed it? The show revolves around a guy named Ben Hawkins, and his life after joining a traveling carnival, Carnivale, after his mother dies. The show takes place in the 1930's, during the dust bowl, and the great depression. The Carnivale has many "freaks" who you can't help but love and hate at the same time. Theres everything from the bearded lady-to the snake charmer. While they go from town to down, Ben learns more and more about his father, Scudder. We also see the life of a priest in California, Brother Justin, who is less then holy. The show makes you wonder more and more with every episode. If you love a show that will make you think, and keep you guessing, then this is the one for you!
  • 100% origional.funny.sad.scary all at the same time.truly an origional that many didnt appreciate.

    ben hawkins had powers since he was born he inherited them from his absent father,a magician who traveled with a circus called 'the carnivale'
    and so does ben slowly discovering his powers while a preist discovers his own that were buried in his subconciuos.
    this was the best show from fx 289 ever.
    its origional.artistic in some ways. and i hope the second season makes it to england.
  • The confrontation between light and dark occurs every generation, and in America in the 1920's, as depression and dust scourge the land, a carnivale worker named Hawkins and a preacher named Justin decide this generations fate.


    This is a show that will be recognized far into the future, when other trite television series staring boring suburban homemakers is long forgotten.

    Every single detail becomes important, if not to the plot, to the charcters. This is a layered show that begs to be watched and rewatched, as you witness the tragic undoing and hopefull revival of the lives being displayed for us. The depression was a terrible time, one that many people today couldn't hope to understand, but I feel that the showrunners, directors, and writers for Carnivale have a sense of desperate times and what one must do to survive. Throw in some of the most exciting mythology a show has ever had (who dosn't love tarot cards?) and what you get is a show far beyond the measure of many.

    Understandable why HBO cancelled it, but still a terrible decision for the artistic and thought provoking story will remain untold. Hopefully, like in the show, there is hope, and one day we will see the creative staff brought back so they may finish their tale.
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