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  • Good versus evil boards the trail of a depression era traveling carnival and a preacher. Or...which is good and which is evil? Is there a difference?

    This show... I'm not sure what to say. The plot, the cinematography, the detail, the gawdy rowdy creepy deadly slow show... The most amazing display of life on the edge of death and depression in the Great Dustbowl of the Depression, the age when science was just coming to our daily lives and still seemed like magic... the leaps of faith that people made, the traveling snake-oil salesman going religious. The fight of the small against the large. It's the strangest mind-trip, and yet so amazingly beautiful. It's dirty and grubby, and utterly perfect. And then they canceled it before it was done. I know they said it was meant to end, but what a rip-off! What c op-out! It was a perfect show, adn they ended it without a resolution? I took so much on faith getting those DVD's. I was intent on the show, careful not to spoil a single aspect of it - and they let me down. That pisses me off. So, though it was everything that magic should be, and the mystery was something deep and terrifying - something so rare and precious on TV - I can't rate it the 10 it deserves, because they dorked it up in the end and left it a cliffhanger cancelation. .
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