Season 1 Episode 7

The River

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2003 on HBO

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  • Russian kids

    ‘The River’ is one of the most amazing episodes of the show so far,. brilliant writing, acting and storytelling.

    The episode continues with father Justin standing on a bridge, some men try to save him from jumping but he doesn’t listen and jumps. He wakes up down the river side with his leg broken, he sees two kids, a boy and a girl, both Russian. He wants their help but they see him as a threat and believe he was send to kill them. When Justin heads something passing down the road he tries to scream for help but the girl smashes his head in.
    Iris tells the little tale about them, do they really exist? yes. When Justine gets a hold of the little girl he tries to suffocate her but is unable when the little boy snaps his neck by only looking at him. But then he’s suddenly at the edge of the bridge again ready to jump but before he can this time, the cops grab him and save him from his suicide attempt.

    This episode was also about Libby, she wants to go to Hollywood and paints her hair. She’s having difficulties with her mother and so is her dad Felix. They both make a plan to leave and nothing Rita can do gets him attention but she does not believe he will leave without her. what I liked was that Rita finally finds out that the murderer of her little girl was killed by Samson.

    Libby and Sophie had once again countless of sexual attractions. Libby wants to leave with Sophie but Sophie can’t leave her mom. She reads Libbys cards about being on Carnivale forever but Sophie tells her that she is going to become famous. When Sophie decides to leave with her, Felix suddenly can’t after seeing Rita and decides to stay making Libby forced t stay as well.

    The other storyline was Ben, he finds out something about Ruthie and becomes extremely mad and tries to attack her but is hit by Gabriel, he becomes aggressive and hits Gabriel and making him break the entire arm (which looked pretty gross). Ben knows he has to fix this and is sorry for what he did, he cures Gabriel in a river making all the fish die. The storyline was very effective, especially Ruthie who seems to care for Ben more than they know, she touches him which is something he wasn’t used to.

    the bearded woman sees Ben fixing Gabriel and tells it to the blind man who then hits her because he’s mad he didn’t see it.
    The episode had many surprising twists, at the end you see a picture in Iris’ house of a man with the two Russian children. The episode was fantastic and yet another classic of this wonderful show.