Caroline in the City

Season 4 Episode 7

Caroline and the Big Night

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Nov 09, 1998 on NBC

Episode Recap

Richard is sitting in their office and Caroline arrives and says the day is finally here. She's booked a room in a romantic B&B and they sit down to work. After about half a second Caroline jumps up again and Richard says he'll pick her up in an hour. She leaves and Richard takes out a Jiffy bag and finds the lingerie he bought her, but it's obviously too big. He goes to the shop to exchange it but it's catalog only so he buys her a black teddy instead of the purple one he'd bought. he meets Dell and is embarrassed but Dell assures him he doesn't mind and he's happy they are getting together. They offer to meet in the wrapping section and Dell leaves.

Caroline is packing at home and after almost packing Salty in her suitcase she admits to Annie that's she's nervous because Richard could be the man she's been waiting for. Richard arrives and after the usual banter with Annie the couple leaves. When they arrive at the B & B the woman owner, a little too perky, tells them they will be in the Lilac room. Caroline had booked the Primrose Room because it has a huge bath and a four poster bed and instead they are stuck with twin beds and a shared bathroom. Caroline gets upset but Richard reminds her that he's still there. He gives her his gift, which turns out to be an apron, having been switched with Dell's. They decide to go down for dinner and they find out who has the Primrose room. Desperate for the night to go as planned, Caroline asks them to switch and tells the couple briefly about her and Richard's past. They tell her that they had been a couple in High School and the man had gotten shipped off to war and was shot down and presumed dead. The woman had never married and the day before the man had turned up at her door with the Valentine card she'd given him 40 years before. They'd just gotten married that morning.

The man who owns the B & B apologizes bitterly for messing up the reservation and moans about having to do all the work in the place and that his wife had bought it despite him not being interested in running it.

After dinner Richard and Caroline decide to sit by the fire but the couple in the Primrose room are asleep next to it. They decide to borrow the bath while the couple is napping. They do so but are caught by the man who tells them to stay where they are while he takes his wife for a drive. Caroline tries to add more hot water but breaks the tap, which starts flooding. The owner turns up and complains that his shower is the only time of day he gets peace but the water just lost pressure before he turns of the water and starts cleaning up. The wife comes in and shouts at them for breaking the bath. Richard says the older couple and allowed them to use the bath and wife exclaims that they had just crashed into her gazebo and destroyed it.

Richard demands that their luggage is moved to the room they ordered and asks Caroline if she wants anything so she adds "a couple of fancy beers".

The scene changes to Caroline's hallway, the couple had kicked them out of the B & B and Caroline moans she shouldn't have asked for the beers. Richard says they should just get inside.

When Caroline opens the door the living room is full of candles and flowers and Annie says Richard called her while Caroline was pouring soda on the guest book and that they should avoid a chapel because "it's pretty dark" and Dell comes out from the back and puts down some more flowers. The two leave Richard and Caroline, Richard starts to make them a drink. Caroline takes his hand and leads him to the bottom of the stairs. She asks him if it was worth the wait and he kisses her. Cut to a montage of the two from clips of various episodes before and when it cuts back Richard pulls away and says it was worth the wait. They walk up the stairs, Richard tripping, as the credits run. In teh quick scene after Richard is looking in the fridge saying he need to get something to eat. Caroline comes down the stairs in the apron and asks what day it is. Richard says he has no idea so Caroline opens the door and picks up the top newspaper from a large pile. Caroline says "good, it's still November" and the couple head back up the stairs.