Caroline in the City

Season 1 Episode 18

Caroline and the Ex-Wife

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Mar 28, 1996 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Del and Caroline's vacation takes an unexpected turn when they run into Del's bitter ex-wife Jill at his cabin. Meanwhile, Annie's brother Pete decides to quit the family business, which doesn't sit well with his parents.

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    Amy Pietz

    Amy Pietz

    Annie Viola Spadaro

    Lea Thompson

    Lea Thompson

    Caroline Duffy

    Eric Lutes

    Eric Lutes

    Del Cassidy

    Malcolm Gets

    Malcolm Gets

    Richard Karinsky

    Andy Lauer

    Andy Lauer


    Tom LaGrua

    Tom LaGrua

    Remo (seasons 2-3, recurring previously)

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      • Richard: (to Pete) Do you think you can fix it?
        Pete: Can I fix it? Does the Pope talk to God?
        Richard: I don't want to have a whole theological discussion, I just want to be able to turn my light on and off.
        Pete: Oh, you want both!

      • Pete: (about Richard) Hey Annie, who's he look like?
        Annie: I don't know, who?
        Pete: Come on. Put a moustache on him, it's Aunt Camille!

      • Caroline: So, when did you get this cabin in Vermont?
        Del: It's the one thing I got in my divorce. You know, Jill got my Knicks tickets and she doesn't even go to the games, just so I can see the empty seats on TV.
        Caroline: Wait, I've known you for a year. How come you never told me about this place before?
        Del: When we first started going out I didn't want to take you up into the woods in case you were wacko, and then it was autumn and the leaves were changing, I was afraid you'd want to drive up at twenty miles an hour just to see the pretty colours, and then I just started taking you for granted.

      • Del: Hey, you want spontaneous? Okay, forget about going back to work. We'll just jump in my car and go up to Vermont.
        Caroline: Why would we want to go to Vermont?
        Del: It's the Green Mountain State! They've got all that...maple syrup, and I happen to own a cabin up there.

      • Caroline: She just jumped in a cab and ended up in Philadelphia for a cheese steak sandwich!
        Del: Well, that's Annie! We're...different.
        Caroline: I think the word you're looking for is 'dull'!

      • Annie: Hey Richard, if your landlord's not getting the job done, why don't you just let me call my brother Pete?
        Richard: Why? You think he could fix my light switch?
        Annie: Well, I was thinking he could go over there and beat the crap out of your landlord, but yeah, he could fix your light switch instead.

      • Richard: Mr Hendricks, please. It's been two weeks, and you have yet to come by my apartment to fix the short in my light switch as promised ... No, no, you did not come by last evening ... Because I was home last evening! ... Excuse me, I do have a life, and it's currently centred on my LIGHT SWITCH!

      • Caroline: You drove all the way to Philadelphia just for a cheese steak sandwich?
        Annie: Well, the fact that the cabbie looked like Antonio Banderas in a turban didn't hurt.
        Caroline: You are so amazing. I could never do anything like that. The last wild thing I did was wash down an antihistamine with a glass of wine.

      • Charlie: Married? Wow. I do not want to be around when you break the news to Caroline.
        Del: Charlie, it's Caroline I'd be getting married to.
        Charlie: Oh, then she must be cool about it

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