Caroline in the City

Season 1 Episode 3

Caroline and the Gay Art Show

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 05, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

Annie and Caroline are in Remo's, Caroline having just had her hair done. Her stylist has lost the touch as her hair looks bad but she refuses to change stylist. They overhear Kenneth Arabian, the owner of a local gallery, talking about his show. Richard arrives and makes fun of Caroline's hair so she tells Annie to make her an appointment. Caroline tries to get Richard to talk to Kenneth but Richard refuses. Caroline shouts very loudly about Richard's art and Richard storms away in embarrassment. Annie then pretends to choke and gets help from Kenneth and Caroline tells him about Richard. Kenneth offers to look at Richard's work and gives Caroline his card. He asks if Caroline is sure Richard is the right kind of artist, which she says he is. When Richard takes his paintings to the gallery he is offered part of a group show.

Caroline has gone to the new stylist Annie suggested and is happy with her knew look. Del doesn't notice any difference even when it's pointed out but Annie does. She admits she told her old stylist that she moved to Norway because she can't dump anyone. Richard arrives and thanks Caroline for making him go to the gallery and asks for help picking a painting to display. When he leaves to get the rest of his work from the hall Charlie arrives for the latest drawings and Caroline tells him about Richard's show. Charlie tells them that Kenneth Arabian only shows work from gay artists.

Richard says he'll need to drop out of the show because he can't lie and goes to the gallery to tell Kenneth. When he's there he's shown his wall and is so excited he nearly loses his courage. Another artist complains that his painting only has s price tag of $30,000 and when told that his will have a tag of $20,000 Richard decides to lie.

At the show Richard shows off his painting. Del is uncomfortable being around so many gay men but is disappointed when none check him out. Annie finds the only straight man in the room and Caroline's stylist turns up, forcing Caroline to apologize and run after him when he storms out in disgust. Richard's painting is sold and Kenneth gives a little speech about how happy he is to promote work of gay artists, prompting Richard to try to tell him he's straight but Del stops him by saying the painting was supposed to be his. Richard confesses and Del throws champagne in his face and storms off. Kenneth says he isn't angry, only disappointed and he has to rip up the check. Caroline comes back after letting her old stylist redo her hair and comforts Richard in his disappointment.
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