Caroline in the City

Season 1 Episode 11

Caroline and the Gift

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jan 04, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • According to many cross-overs, the universes of "Caroline In The City" and "Cheers" are the same. However, Keene Curtis's characters in both shows are different.

  • Quotes

    • Donna: I'm sorry, was my hand like this or like this?
      Richard: Doesn't matter, I'm painting the fruit bowl.
      Donna: Huh. Then why do I have to sit here without my clothes on?
      Richard: Uh...for the shadow.

    • Annie: Oh, look at Richard!
      Caroline: Where?
      Annie: (about Donna) On the other side of those breasts.

    • Caroline: Del spent one thousand two hundred and forty-three dollars on my Christmas present?
      Annie: Isn't it weird how ugly jewellery is so much more attractive when you find out how much it's worth? Much like men.

    • Mr Davies: Yes, these are from Frank & Sons. Unfortunately they were on sale, so I will only be able to give you store credit.
      Caroline: On sale, how thrifty. Could you show me something else in the same price range?
      Annie: Yeah, preferably something from the non-ugly section.

    • Caroline: My boyfriend gave me these earrings for Christmas. I feel a little guilty about this, but I'd like to return them.
      Mr Davies: Did your boyfriend give you the receipt?
      Caroline: Well actually, he's not really my boyfriend anymore. We broke up, we're just friends.
      Mr Davies: Madam, at Frank & Sons our focus is entirely on the receipt, rather than the nature of your relationship.

    • Caroline: (about Richard's phone conversation) Did he just say 'fee' and 'my place'?
      Annie: Caroline, do not judge! The profession of gigolo is noble and time-honoured.
      Richard: Must you always look at the world through tramp-coloured glasses?

    • Richard: (on the phone) Yeah, well, we can start on my lunch hour. I'll meet you at my place at one, that's four-seventeen-and-a-half East Sixth Street ... Yeah, the buzzer's out, but conveniently so's the front door.

    • Caroline: (about a pair of earrings Del gave her) I can't return them. Del would notice.
      Annie: Caroline, this is Del we're talking about. He didn't even notice when you burned your eyebrows off.

    • Caroline: (about Annie's day whom she can't remember how he looks) So you're going out with some guy you don't remember?
      Annie: Well, he sounded cute on the phone.
      Richard: Oh, great. When you turn up in a Hefty bag in New Jersey we'll be sure to tell the cops to look for someone with a cute voice.

    • Annie: Oh oh, and I met a guy! Rob Rothman.
      Caroline: Wow, what's he like?
      Annie: I have no idea. I was hoping you would remember him.
      Caroline: Wait, you know his name but you don't know what he looks like?

    • Annie: I need coffee. And an IV bag.
      Caroline: Happy 1996, Annie.
      Annie: Oh good, I didn't sleep through it. Hey, you didn't stay 'til the end of my New Year's party.
      Caroline: Sorry, I just couldn't make a three day commitment.

    • Richard: What happened to your resolution to be a little less nosey?
      Caroline: Wouldn't you like to know.
      Richard: All I can say is, I am glad the holidays are finally over. No more holly-decked halls, no more happy children, no more mangey Santas begging on every corner.

    • Caroline: Hey Richard, how was your New Year's Eve?
      Richard: Oh, sublime. Scott and Zelda and I shared a cab over to the Stork Club where we drank pink champagne out of Zelda's slipper.
      Caroline: You know, a simple 'I stayed in' would've sufficed.

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