Caroline in the City

Season 1 Episode 17

Caroline and the Kid

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Mar 14, 1996 on NBC



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    • Caroline: You get your homework assignment faxed to you?
      Martin: No, I get the answers faxed to me. Duh!
      Richard: So tell me, Meatloaf...uh, Martin, who exactly do you beat up every week to get those answers?
      Martin: I don't have to beat him up every week, it just takes just once - if you do it right. What a loser! This first page didn't come through. I believe that's going to cost Mr Adam Shankman his lunch money.
      Caroline: Richard, how did you know that he had to beat up someone to get the answers?
      Richard: I was Adam Shankman

    • Martin: You work for a chick? I hope you didn't waste your time going to college!
      Richard: I hope you don't plan on getting any taller.

    • Caroline: Wow, look at this room! Who says money can't buy happiness? I'm happy, and this stuff isn't even mine.
      Richard: Would you look at this entertainment centre? This probably cost as much as the house I grew up in.

    • Rosa: Ola.
      Caroline: Hello, is this the Lepner residence? We're here to painting the "Caroline in the City" mural.
      Rosa: Que que?
      Richard: Charity auction. He donated big money for mural. Mural.
      Caroline: Let me handle this, I took six years of Spanish. (with a Spanish accent) Mural?
      Rosa: Ah, mural!

    • Caroline: (on the phone) No, no, nothing much new with me.
      Del: Uh, hello? Hey, we just got engaged! That's new!
      Caroline: (on the phone) Oh yeah, that's right, Del proposed to me.

    • Richard: Alright, because we know this is going to leak out in agonisingly slow dribs and drabs, just tell me, who is Marco?
      Annie: A hundred and ninety pounds of prime beef... I'm sorry, was that out loud?
      Del: Okay look, the third time Caroline and I broke up, she took off to Venice to clear her head.
      Annie: Sorry to interrupt, but that was break-up number two. Break-up number three was that weaving class at the Y. I only know this 'cause that's how I got that gorgeous bathroom rug that says 'Del sucks'.

    • Caroline: Hey Del, Marco's in town.
      Del: Oh, tell him it's not too late to get out.

    • Annie: Hey, turn on channel seventy-one and please tell me what the hell is going on.
      Caroline: Annie, that's a Korean soap opera.
      Annie: Okay, this is what I know so far: this one here with the hair, she works in a restaurant, but this is her house, right? This one with the nose, he's in the restaurant, out of the restaurant, but now he acts like he doesn't even know her.
      Caroline: Who's that?
      Annie: The daughter. She just keeps yelling, I don't know why.

    • Caroline: What do you think about this for our wedding china, huh?
      Del: I told you which one I like. You laughed at me.
      Caroline: Del, when I finish my meal I want to see a simple rose in the middle of my plate, not Elvis.
      Richard: (singing) She says potayto, he says potahto...

    • Richard: You know, Salty, a little rubber cement might help fix that shedding problem.

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