Caroline in the City

Season 2 Episode 18

Caroline and the Monkeys

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Mar 11, 1997 on NBC

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  • Only the right writer, and the perfect giest star could make this one a real laugh riot!

    I only watched a few certain episodes of this nightime sitcom. While I do enjoy Lea Thompson, my main focus of the prime time dial was the hour long drama. Still, I like to have humor in my life, so of course I watched other shows like "The Naked Truth" and "Frasier". This show was another one I liked. This episode, however, features Helen Slater as a pyromaniac with a burning desire for tonic and cigarettes. I was rolling on the floor in utter laughter. That's how funny the episode was. The main cast always supplied the laughs on a weekley basis, but in this episode, the laughs came from Helen Slater. She smoked in this episode! Smoking is something you don't usually see Slater do. That said, I was ecstatic to see this ep. One of the best in the series.