Caroline in the City

Season 1 Episode 19

Caroline and the Movie

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Apr 04, 1996 on NBC
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Caroline, Richard and Annie are cast as extras in a film, leading to some surprising developments for its star (Benson) and director (Landis) when Annie turns out to be a Benson fanatic - and Richard becomes insanely jealous of the extra who is to kiss Caroline. Meanwhile, Del's Porsche is towed, and when he claims it from the DMV, he gets someone else's Gremlin instead. When he tracks down the Gremlin's owner, the poor man pleads for more time - he's got a hot date with a woman who was really only impressed by the Porsche.moreless

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    Amy Pietz

    Amy Pietz

    Annie Viola Spadaro

    Lea Thompson

    Lea Thompson

    Caroline Duffy

    Eric Lutes

    Eric Lutes

    Del Cassidy

    Malcolm Gets

    Malcolm Gets

    Richard Karinsky

    Andy Lauer

    Andy Lauer


    Tom LaGrua

    Tom LaGrua

    Remo (seasons 2-3, recurring previously)

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      • Charlie: God, look at this baby. Elegance on wheels. Factory eight-track, and the limited-edition Levi Strauss denim interior, oh! Del, are you sure you want to give up this beautiful Gremlin and go back to your Porsche?
        Del: Call me crazy - yes.

      • Blade: You know, this isn't the first time I've worked with John. You might recognise me from "Beverly Hills Cop 3". I was the guy on the park bench who got up so Eddie Murphy could sit down.
        Richard: You look different in person.

      • Annie: That's okay, Caroline. I don't need to be in any stupid movie, I am in "Cats".
        Caroline: You want me to quit with you?
        Annie: No.
        Caroline: Good, 'cause I already told my mom I'm in a movie

      • Caroline: Mr Landis, I'm sorry about my friend. I try to mash up her medication and put it in her food, but um...she can taste it.

      • A.D.: (to Annie) Okay, when I said 'Do not speak to the actors', I didn't mean 'Except if you feel like it'.

      • Caroline: Hi, I'm Caroline Duffy.
        Blade: Blade Cannon.
        Caroline: Wow! With a name like that I guess you had to be an actor. Or a superhero.
        Blade: Actually, I'm trying to break into soft porn.

      • Caroline: I got the best news. Glen and Bob, the two guys from the fourth floor with the Pomeranian, they said that anybody from the building can be extras in the movie, so I went down there and I signed us up.
        Richard: (sarcastically) Oh my god, oh my god! You and me, extras in a movie? It's like a dream come true!

      • Charlie: So, is there a Mr Nan?
        Clerk: Okay look, tiger, I've been through this a million times, so let me just cut to the chase. I chew my hair, I'm really clingy and needy, and the last guy who dumped me I threw down a flight of stairs - hard. You still interested?
        Charlie: More than ever. You know...I'd love to chew your hair.
        Clerk: Okay, you had me, and then you grossed me out.

      • Del: Yeah, my car was towed and I'd like to pick it up.
        Clerk: Okay, that'll be three hundred and forty-two dollars. Cash or credit card?
        Del: Credit card? Oh come on, wait a minute. The guy in the other line said I had to pay cash, so I had to get out of line, wait for a payphone, get him to bring me money (he points to Charlie), get back into line, wait three hours, and now you're telling me I could've paid with a credit card?
        Clerk: Wow, was that like the really long, boring way of saying 'cash'?

      • Del: Wow, they're making a movie. That's so cool!
        Richard: Oh yeah, what's so cool about it? The crowds, the blocked off streets, the gridlock, or the temporary no parking signs?
        Del: I didn't see any no parking signs.
        Richard: Oh yeah, I figured that when I saw them towing away your Porsche.

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