Caroline in the City

Season 4 Episode 2

Caroline and the Office

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 1998 on NBC



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    • Caroline: I know you stayed here last night.
      Richard: That is absurd. Caroline, I was at my appartment.
      Caroline: No, there is a bunch of russian guys in your appartment.
      Richard: Old college friends!

    • Richard: What, what do you want from me?! I filled out your forms, I've given you samples of fluids I didn't know I had.
      Mrs. Plum: Yeah, we had fun, didn't we?

    • Caroline: We're supposed to help each other. That's what being a couple is.
      Richard: No Caroline, being a couple is about two people who solve their problems by themselves and then have dinner.

    • Mr. Mazzone: Carolina, bon giorno.
      Caroline: Oh, Mr. Mazzone, I didn't know you're in town.
      Mr. Mazzone: Oh, just for a short trip.
      Caroline: Business is a pleasure?
      Mr. Mazzone: I'm stripping Richard out of his worldly possessions. So, pleasure!

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