Caroline in the City

Season 3 Episode 1

Caroline and the Reception (4)

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 22, 1997 on NBC
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An anxious Caroline, not aware that Julia intercepted his message, waits for Richard's response but isn't prepared for his "Oh, why is it so difficult to say three words - I got married!" Devastated, Caroline calls Del in the middle of the night and he rushes over - still handcuffed to his date Kristin, and must be released by an amused Annie with one of her collection of keys. Caroline impulsively throws a reception to honor the happy couple, at which she gets drunk, but things turn serious when Julia's wealthy father's chauffeur arrives and summons her to talk - and for the first time in her life Julia turns down her father's money and announces she will stay married to the man she loves.moreless

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    Amy Pietz

    Amy Pietz

    Annie Viola Spadaro

    Lea Thompson

    Lea Thompson

    Caroline Duffy

    Eric Lutes

    Eric Lutes

    Del Cassidy

    Malcolm Gets

    Malcolm Gets

    Richard Karinsky

    Andy Lauer

    Andy Lauer


    Tom LaGrua

    Tom LaGrua

    Remo (seasons 2-3, recurring previously)

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      • (after Caroline's toast to the newlyweds Richard and Julia)
        Charlie: Oh no, that was so beautiful. I forgot to tape it. Do it again! Could you do it again?
        Caroline: (in a mean voice) Never in a million years.

      • (Caroline cries in her bathroom)
        Caroline: I can't go out there, face the two of them together.
        Annie: Oh honey, you'll be fine. You just say "Hi!" to them, hold yourself up straight and get lost in the crowd.
        Caroline: There is five people out there.

      • Annie: You're putting on a good front.
        Caroline: 20 years of watching my parents suppress every emotion is finally paying off.

      • (Annie enters Caroline's decorated apartment)
        Annie: Oh my God, this place looks gorgeous.
        Caroline: Imagine what it would look like if I didn't hate her.

      • (after Caroline promised Julia to throw Richard and Julia a wedding reception)
        Caroline: Annie, close your mouth. It's very unattractive.

      • (Caroline introduces Julia to Annie)
        Annie: Hi! Wow, you married Richard? You are gorgeous! (Caroline gives her a killing glance) In a cheap sort of way.

      • (after Caroline left a message on Richard's answering machine telling that she loves him)
        Richard: Caroline, there is something I have to tell you.
        Caroline: Really? Go ahead.
        Richard: I don't know why this is so hard to say. I mean, it's just three little words.
        Caroline: Aha.
        Richard: I got married.

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