Caroline in the City

Season 4 Episode 3

Caroline and the Rotten Plum

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 05, 1998 on NBC



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    • Shelley: Oh, good night, Rick!
      Richard: You know what, it's Richard. There is no Rick.
      Marc's voice from the off: Sure there is. He works for Caroline Duffy.

    • (Betty falls with her trolley-table)
      Richard: Betty may forget how much those muffins cost, but she never forget how hot the coffee is.

    • Caroline: Richard, this is only temporarily and it's a small price to pay to keep that sweet coffeelady from losing her job. Betty may forget that her socks go on before her shoes, but she never forget who her friends are.

    • Betty: Coming trough.
      Caroline: Oh, isn't that great? Betty comes right in our office.
      Betty: Every day. And you only have to tell me your order once. Betty may forget how many grandkids she's got, but she never forget how you like your coffee.

    • Betty: You must be Richard, Caroline Duffy's assistant. Oh Marc, come meet Rick
      Marc: Hi Rick.
      Betty: Shelley, this is Rick. He works for Caroline Duffy.
      Shelley: Oh, hi!
      Betty: Pilar, say hi to Rick...

    • Caroline: Last Thanksgiving my aunt Hilda told my uncle Marvin to lay off the stuffing, so he made fun of her singing. So then my aunt Jeannie started drinking and pretty soon she was throwing rolls at the cats. Just when you thought the tension couldn't get any thicker, I brought out Grandma Duffy's rhabarber pie, aunt Jeannie choked up, Marvin asked Hilda to sing Goldfinger, everyone hugged. It was just like nothing ever happened.
      Richard: Promise me I'll never have to spend a holiday with those people!

    • Plum: So what you're saying is that I don't know how to do my job.
      Caroline: You know, I really think you're overreacting to this.
      Plum: You don't have to patronize me, Mrs. Duffy. I have a mother for that.

    • Caroline: I can not concentrate on my work when I only can think about is who am I gonna illinate next.
      Richard: Caroline, I warned you, okay?! This is what happens when you say 'Hello' to people.

    • Angie: Jonathan used to be in pornographic movies!
      Annie: Ma, you got to stop inhaling when you spray your hair.

    • Annie is dancing)
      Angie: What are you doing? You're having a spasm?

    • Annie: Is it my imagination or is Jonathan touching everyone but me?
      Angie: You're to sensitive.
      Caroline: He just spend the last hour going out of this way not to touch me.
      Angie: What is an hour?! Your father was like that with me for 26 years.

    • Caroline: Shall I pack in an extra bra, just in case?
      Annie: Of what, spontaneous lactation?!

    • Annie: Hey Caroline, what's all this?
      Caroline: Oh well, it's my first day at the new office and I just want to bring in some things to personalize my space.
      Annie: You're, you're bringing a picure of Richard with you?! Why? He's gonna be sitting across the desk from you every day.
      Caroline: Oh yeah, but on the picure he is smiling!

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  • Allusions

    • Richard: Nice work Caroline, you had to complain about the desk to Cruella de Vil.
      Cruella de Vil is the evil character in Disney's animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians and Disney's live-action film 101 Dalmatians based on a novel by Dodi Smith.

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