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  • This show is the worst show in television history!

    This is not funny! It is a romantic comedy in sitcom form! Do not bring it back! Must See TV my foot!!!!
  • caroline in the city, bring it back!

    i love caroline in the city, i live in the uk so i saw it on the paramount comedy channel and our channel four on friday nights, why did they take it off i loved it! great now they have bought seasons 1, 2 and 3 out on dvd eagerly awaiting season four as i havent seen alot of that one living in england and not america, want to know how they ended the series. but please bring it back!
  • Caroline in the City was a funny sitcom about a girl named Caroline, a cartoonist, living in New York City and interacting with her friends and co workers.

    Caroline in the City was a funny sitcom about a girl named Caroline, a cartoonist, living in New York City and interacting with her friends and co workers. This was a really good show that reminds me how much better network television once was than it is now. My wife and I began watching this show when it first came on the air in 1995. We had recently bought our first house and the early months of this show bring back memories of the 5-6 months before we got cable television installed there. Caroline and her friend Annie were always making near normal situations look funny. We miss this one and would like to see it's reruns pop up on cable sometime. I remember that if I had to work later that night my wife would always tape this show on the VCR for us to watch together.
  • A short lived sitcom from the 90s whose biggest problem was probably coming out a couple of years after Friends, so it was never going to be able to compete. Still great to watch.

    Caroline in the City is about a 30 year old woman from a small town who moved to New York and became a cartoonist. Ever the optimist she's joined by Richard Karinsky, a miserable, broke artist whose personality is the polar opposite of hers. Her on off relationship with Del, her boss in a greeting card company that sells her cards, is the focus of the first series. The cast is rounded off by Annie, the New York native woman from Italian decent who is a dancer in Cats and loves men a little too much and Charlie, the lovable but dim go-for in Del's company.

    I think this show suffered from two problems; being created a year or two after Friends, which had pretty much taken over the world, and with a similar plot (thirty somethings rather than twenty somethings living through love issues in New York) and the introduction of Julia at the end of series 2, a character we're not supposed to like and many viewers didn't. This is unfortunate because the characters are very well rounded and the writing is brilliant at times. The writing flagged a bit towards the end but was still funny, although Charlie could be irritating at times.

    The little cartoons at the start of the first series were quite funny but didn't make the cut in later series. The concept was resurrected a bit in the final series with the introduction of the Ferret Boys, another cartoon whose creators work with Caroline.

    All in all a great show, a great cast and obviously popular at the time judging by the number of guest stars they had over the years. Well worth watching and the only thing that really shows its age now is the frequent video tapes Richard rents, which would be DVDs now.

    It varies from great to dull and suffers from a non ending since the show was cancelled suddenly, apparently without even the cast's knowledge so they never managed to go back and finish the storylines. I call it a guilty pleasure because not many people know I watch it, and even fewer people I know remember it. I don't think it was even shown in the UK after a few episodes into series 2 so I had to rent the DVDs to see the rest, so I've only recently rediscovered the show. I was about 13 when the show first came out and I liked it because Malcolm Gets, who plays Richard, looks like my first boyfriend who I was with at the time.
  • Oh My Gosh!! One of the BEST shows ever!! BRING IT BACK!!! Not a good ending. I need to know what happens! A young cartoonist, Caroline Duffy, trys to find love and happiness in her home in New York City with her crazy friends and employee helping her.

    The is one of the best shows ever! One of my all-time favorites. Please bring it back!!!!!! I need to know what happens to Caroline and Richard! PLEASE!!! I love this show!(duh.) The charcters are so... I don't know how to descibe them. Great. How 'bout that? The actors and actresses are sooo good! They aren't fake and I keep forgetting it's just a sitcom. Caroline is so funny and a lovable character. Richard, my favorite character even though he married Julia, ugh, is a pure breed pessimist. He never looks on the bright side of things and he's constantly having bad luck. But his bad luck just makes the show that much better.
    I can't believe they cancelled the show. Please bring it back!!!! Please?
  • One of my favorites!

    Caroline in The City is amazing! I love the show! Lea Thompson just rules! Her character is so funny! Del Cassidy, well, he's just perfect! Richard's boring, but he really loves Caroline. And Annie... Annie's the best!
    Unfortunately, my country's not airing the show anymore... That's just too bad!
    Let's hope for a return!
  • Good story and great characters make for a fantastic show.

    Though the overall plot outline of Caroline in the City may not be very original, the storyline of each episode has been well thought out and it makes for great viewing.

    Caroline Duffy, a sweet and lovable cartoonist is trying to make sense of her life and get some direction before it's too late. Richard Karinsky is her colourist, whose outlook on life can only be described as cynical. But it isn't difficult to see that his cynicism is only a facade for his insecurity brought on by certain unfortunate events that have occurred in his past. Del Cassidy is Caroline's on-again-off-again boyfriend before they finally call it quits. He is the quintessential brainless jock required by most sitcoms, but there are moments when he can surprise you. Annie Spadarro is Caroline's best friend in New York, a dancer by profession and always on the lookout for the next hunk to date. And there's Charlie, a sort of messenger boy for Del, whose idiosyncrasies make for several comedic moments.

    It is the interaction between these characters that makes this show so good. Be it the constant bickering between Richard and Annie, Caroline's continuing attempts to find the perfect man with some help from Annie or Del's continuing attempt to prove the presence of a brain in his head which Richard continually disproves. What is also good to see is that the series gives equal importance to all the characters, developing them wonderfully. And the supporting characters such as Annie's mother, Angie, and Richard's mother, Natalie, do a great job in the little time that they have.

    Enjoyable and addictive, Caroline in the City is up there in the list of must-see sitcoms.
  • New girl in the City learns about life & love!

    I missed out on the early series, but found the show with it's characters & situations really endearing. The format is simple, sweet natured new girl moves to the City with comic-romantic encounters everywhere, a sort of latter-day Mary Tyler Moore Show. The lead Caroline could be annoyingly naive at times but her almost stereotypical NYC co-stars provided the show with smart one liners these were sassy neighbour Annie, sarcastistic colourist Richard & corporate jerk Del. Undeamanding fare at best but better than anything UK TV can muster up!
  • Caroline is a cartoonist, going through everyday life events, dating, heartache, dealing with being in love with some one and can't seem to tell him. But she does have a circle of friends that help her out and ensure comedy.

    I love this show. I'd forgotten all about it till I found it on LRW. I absolutely love Richard and his sarcastic remarks. Annie is too much for words. Same with Del and Charlie. The whole cast is great. I love everything about the show. It really makes me laugh. I hope to see it on DVD soon.
  • Caroline Duffy: Cute, loveable, wants-to-please-everyone cartoonist. Richard Karinsky: Intellectually loaded artist still looking for recognition, lives on sarcasm, pessimist to the core. Annie Spadaro: Crazy caustic next-door neighbour. Del Cassidy: Caro

    This was one of my all-time favourite shows on TV. Extremely witty and genuinely funny - I just don't get why more people didn't like the show as much as I did. And why did they have to end it that way? And why the hell couldn't they extend it some more?!
  • This show was full of comedy and odd situations! : )

    I love this show. I used to watch it twice a day in the summer every weekday. It was something I would do with my mother. It was always a way to bring up my mood. It\'s a feel good show and it just draws you in. Once you watch it you can\'t stop. The situations that the characters get into are hilarious! I love it!
  • A very hillarious and whitty comedy with a great cast of characters and interesting storylines. One of the best comedies ever.

    Caroline In The City is a personal favorite of mine, dating back some years ago. The show's premise is pretty simple, as has all of the cliche characters. Caroline is the super-nice single woman who has a successfull cartoon strip called "Caroline In The City". Her assistant is Richard, the very sarcastic artist who has come to accept that his work will not get popular until after he's dead. Richard is always making sarcastic remarks at everyone, and tends to not think to highly of life. Caroline's boyfirend/friend Del is a rich man who owns and operates a very successfull greeting card company. Caroline and Del just can't seem to figure out if they are right for one another or not. Caroline's best friend and next-apartment neighbor Annie is a signle girl who is sometimes dubbed as the "slutty" one by Richard. She is a dancer in cats but does not seem to enjoy it all that much. And the last character of the main cast is Del's business helper/partner Charlie. Charlie does a lot of delivers and pick-ups for Del, and almost always has his rollerblades on (even inside buildings and basically everywhere else he goes). He always has something very whitty to say, and tends to say and do things that normal people wouldn't even think of doing. All of these characters make for quite interesting storylines, and are played great by the cast. The story really revoles around what happens in Caroline's life, but it also focuses a lot on relationships. Everything that happens on the show bring about hillarious situations. Richard, Dell and Charlie provide for most of the humor. They'll have you laughing constantly at the things they say and in Del and Charlie's case, the stupid things they do. Overall there's not many other comedies out there that top this one. It's hard to find on the air nowadays, but if you can find it I would suggest giving it a shot. After a few episodes you might just find yourself loving it like I did.
  • OMG i used to watch this when i was little it was soo cute of corse then i didn't get it but yeah!

    I was a wonderful comedy of a single women in New York and she was trying to find love and she had a hecka cool apartmet with a dog and a fish tank and some how she got under wear in her micro wave i remember that i don't remember how it got there though
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