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  • A short lived sitcom from the 90s whose biggest problem was probably coming out a couple of years after Friends, so it was never going to be able to compete. Still great to watch.

    Caroline in the City is about a 30 year old woman from a small town who moved to New York and became a cartoonist. Ever the optimist she's joined by Richard Karinsky, a miserable, broke artist whose personality is the polar opposite of hers. Her on off relationship with Del, her boss in a greeting card company that sells her cards, is the focus of the first series. The cast is rounded off by Annie, the New York native woman from Italian decent who is a dancer in Cats and loves men a little too much and Charlie, the lovable but dim go-for in Del's company.

    I think this show suffered from two problems; being created a year or two after Friends, which had pretty much taken over the world, and with a similar plot (thirty somethings rather than twenty somethings living through love issues in New York) and the introduction of Julia at the end of series 2, a character we're not supposed to like and many viewers didn't. This is unfortunate because the characters are very well rounded and the writing is brilliant at times. The writing flagged a bit towards the end but was still funny, although Charlie could be irritating at times.

    The little cartoons at the start of the first series were quite funny but didn't make the cut in later series. The concept was resurrected a bit in the final series with the introduction of the Ferret Boys, another cartoon whose creators work with Caroline.

    All in all a great show, a great cast and obviously popular at the time judging by the number of guest stars they had over the years. Well worth watching and the only thing that really shows its age now is the frequent video tapes Richard rents, which would be DVDs now.

    It varies from great to dull and suffers from a non ending since the show was cancelled suddenly, apparently without even the cast's knowledge so they never managed to go back and finish the storylines. I call it a guilty pleasure because not many people know I watch it, and even fewer people I know remember it. I don't think it was even shown in the UK after a few episodes into series 2 so I had to rent the DVDs to see the rest, so I've only recently rediscovered the show. I was about 13 when the show first came out and I liked it because Malcolm Gets, who plays Richard, looks like my first boyfriend who I was with at the time.
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