Season 2 Episode 8

Double Stack Race / Appliance Race

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 30, 2006 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • After sixteen races, the North and South teams are tied with eight wins each.

    • Appliance Race Results:

      1. Misty
      2. Moe
      3. Kim
      4. Marty
      5. Jimmy
      6. Demo Dave
      7. Raybo
      8. Dee
      9. Nick
      10. Fordzilla

    • Double Stack Race Results:

      1. Marty and Nick
      2. Kim and John
      3. Dave and Fordzilla
      4. Raybo and Kenny
      5. Moe and Misty
      6. Jimmy and Dee

  • Quotes

    • Raybo: Saturday is going to be bleep awesome, man! I'm going to go out there three times as smart as I've ever been! I'm gonna go out there with, man, C6 ain't got as much as energy in it. I'm ready, man. I'm a time bomb waiting to explode.

    • Raybo: (talking about spelling bee for midweek qualifying) Spelling? Spelling wasn't too good in my life. In the country where I come from, we really weren't too smart on spelling, didn't have a lot of help and can't really sound out stuff.

    • Raybo: By the grace of god, I'm back, heh, and you better believe me, man, I ain't holding nothing back! I'm going in wide open!

    • Raybo: (about his return) When I got out of the truck and stepped on the track, I knew I was back. It was amazing!

  • Notes

    • Highlights from ' One-on-One Demo Race/ Boat Trailer Race ' are shown prior to the closing credits of the episode.

  • Allusions

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