Season 2 Episode 5

Enduro Race/Camper Trailer Race

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2006 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • Camper Trailer Race Results:

      1. Demo Dave
      2. Misty
      3. Marty
      4. Moe
      5. Nick
      6. Fordzilla
      7. Ben
      8. Jimmy
      9. Kim
      10. Dee

    • Enduro Race Results:

      1. Misty
      2. Nick
      3. Ben
      4. Moe
      5. Jimmy
      6. Fordzilla
      7. Kim
      8. Demo Dave
      9. Marty
      DNS: Dee

  • Quotes

    • (talking about Raybo's altercation that landed him in jail)
      Fordzilla: Here's the deal with Raybo, ok, and it's like this with any redneck. Raybo's ex-girlfriend wrote him some boo hoo letter. He read it and went over to where she lives to talk to her. Her new boyfriend had a big problem with it. The guy pulls a gun on Raybo and you don't pull a gun on a redneck if you don't plan on using it cuz he'll shove it up your ass and that's what he was doing.

  • Notes

    • Highlights from 'Love Bug Race/Mini Bus Figure 8 Race' are shown prior to the episode's closing credits.

    • Highlights from 'Mother Pucker Race/Virtual Reality Race' are shown prior to the opening credits.

  • Allusions