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Spike needs to give "Carpocalypse" to another station

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    [1]Jul 24, 2006
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    It's clear Spike not only does not care about the show. They want to run the show into the ground and destroy it like the cars in the show destroy each other. Do yourself a favor and sell the show to the "Speed" channel, make a few dollors and put it into the one hit show you made UFC.The show diserves to adlest be on a channel that supports it and will adlest try to give it a chance. The show is Filmed very well. The quility of the interviews and races looks great and I for one love the wide screen format they put it in. The sound effects and music are great and the show is so original and something fresh and new, anyone that sees it will be addicted.

    A message to Spike: Stop destroying your own shows. Stick with a few for more then just one season. Just because something is not a huge million hit does not mean it won't grow! Some of the Biggest shows on tv took a season or two for them to even break the million viewer mark (CSI). Untill you start having sticking to a way of doing things, You will never have a strong following... UFC and CSI get old after awile...

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