Season 2 Episode 9

One-on-One Demo Race/ Boat Trailer Race

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 06, 2006 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • After eighteen races, the North and South teams are tied with nine wins each.

    • Boat Trailer Race Results:

      1. Raybo
      2. Moe
      3. Misty
      4. Nick
      5. Kim
      6. Marty
      7. Dee
      8. Fordzilla
      9. Jimmy
      10. Demo Dave

    • One-on-One Demo Derby Results:

      Kim vs Misty - Winner:Kim but she is disqualified afterwards due to illegal car modifications.
      Dee vs Fordzilla - Winner: Dee
      Marty vs Raybo - Winner: Marty
      Jimmy vs Moe - Winner: Moe
      Nick vs Demo Dave - Winner:
      Demo Dave

      The 5 prelim winners went on to compete in the final round with Dee winning the round for the North team.

  • Quotes

    • Moe: (to Demo Dave) You're the demo guy which is how the bleep you got that name, I'll never know!

    • Fordzilla: I'm going out on a mission. See, these guys, they're going out and gonna race. Uh uh, I'm going on a mission, to spank five yankees!

    • Fordzilla: When I found out about the boat trailer race, I was totally freaked. I couldn't believe they were going to let us do that. I knew this was my race; not to win but to destroy everything!

  • Notes

    • Highlights from ' Outrigger Race/ School Bus Demo Derby ' are shown prior to the episode's closing credits.

    • Highlights from ' Double Stack Race / Appliance Race ' are shown prior to the episode's opening credits.

  • Allusions

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