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  • A great show that combines redneck personalities with the insanity of demolition derby style racing.

    Carpocalypse, on the surface, may not be a show that appeals to everyone but if you watch an episode with an open mind, you find yourself chuckling over what you see in a typical episode.

    Each episode, a group of drivers that are, well, eccentric construct cars for races to be held at a local oval. With many of the cars coming from local junk and scrapyards, it is interesting to see how fast they are made suitable to drive in.

    However, the real focus for this show are the personalities of the drivers. With characters like Raybo and Fordzilla, the drivers are a constant source of amusement for any viewer.

    Overall, this reviewer highly recommends this show to anyone who wants to watch a racing theme show that does not take itself too seriously but is well filmed and great fun to watch!
  • Carpocalypse Is an off the wall crazy show about giving demolition derby drivers and racers a week to build totally custom and outrageous cars/trucks/bus for never before seen or done races every week.

    Carpocalypse gives everyday racers/demo guys a chance to play games and compeat ageants eachother in some crazy and dangerous racers. Its takes what everyone wants to see in races (The car crashes) and gives it to you over and over. It is alot more primative then nascar, but who says thats bad? Carpocalypse is more in the reach of the everyday person, because Nascar is a pipedream. Most of the times the only thing you have on your mind is "take someone about before they take you out". It makes for some really good drama and action, Its a perfect mix. There is no show that comes even close, its very original programming and every show has adlest 5 big crashes....