Season 2 Episode 2

Sidecar Race/ School Bus Figure 8 Race

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

The two teams meet at Orlando Speed World and Don, after briefly going over the standings, gets Chuck to assist him as he explains the next two challenges. Chuck drives out a car with a second car, with no driver inside, welded to it and Don explains this will be a sidecar race. Don tells them there will be one driver for each sidecar combo in a ten lap oval race and if the sidecar comes loose, the driver is eliminated. For the second challenge, Don reveals it will be a school bus race and as Marty privately states he wins these type of races all the time, Don goes on to say that the buses will not need any prefabrication work and it will be a figure eight, ten bus race for fifteen laps

The North team sets out to get the cars for the sidecar aspect of the first race with the team acquiring a number of cars at Ron's Auto Salvage. The South Team, led by Fordzilla, also find their cars with Fordzilla taking one that was going to be crushed at a junkyard.

Demo Dave and his young son work in his garage at taking out as much of the heavy and unnecessary parts in his sidecar as possible.

On day two, Raybo and Fordzilla talk over on the phone about narrowing the sidecars they use to increase their speed for the race.

The North team starts fabricating their sidecars with Marty saying everybody works as two man teams but Nick privately states that Marty's leadership of the team sucks.

In Fordzilla's compound, the South team works on fabricating their sidecars with Fordzilla squishing together his sidecar as much as possible. At the Speedway, the North team continue their fabrication work with the focus being on making the sidecars as light as possible. The South team continue their fabrication work with Raybo starting work on his sidecar and main car and the sidecar work mimicking Fordzilla's with a sledgehammer used at one point to remove parts.

On day three, Chuck gathers the teams together for midweek qualifying and says the pole for the sidecar race will be decided by the drivers playing a round of Putt Putt golf and whoever gets the lowest score wins the pole. Dee wins the pole with Kim starting last.

The South team continue to do fabricating work with Lee's Welding providing the needed welding and Raybo says he is very happy with the results. The North team continue to work but Dee is noticeably disinterested in doing any work and privately says he doesn't like working on cars and wants to race and have fun instead.

On day four, the South team decide to test Raybo's sidecar and drives it to the speedway. Once there, Marty from the North team wanders over to have a look and he and Raybo start shouting and cursing at each other.

Race day arrives with Raybo talking about dreaming that he won a race. The North team get their school buses ready for racing and shortly thereafter, the Ocala Speedway has the drivers arriving with fans lining up soon after to get in. Chuck goes over the rules for the sidecar race with the drivers and shortly thereafter, the race starts. Kenny Wallace, the announcer, notes that Misty from the South takes the early lead with Fordzilla making an early charge. Jimmy takes the lead on lap two but is overtaken by Raybo on lap three. On lap five, Misty makes a run at Raybo but a slow Dee crashes into Misty before losing his sidecar. On lap ten, Misty tries again to over take Raybo but is rear ended by Jimmy, which infuriates Misty. Raybo wins the race and makes it 3-0 for the South team. After the race, Misty confronts Jimmy about his actions but Jimmy is unapologetic.

Prior to the school bus race, the North team discovers one of their buses have been sabotaged but they manage to get it running in time to start the race. Demo Dave takes the early lead with jostling for position in subsequent laps. On lap seven, Raybo moves into second place and on lap nine, Moe takes over second place. Demo Dave has a flat tire but continues in first place until lap fourteen when Dee takes over first but he is soon passed by Raybo, who holds on for the win. Raybo celebrates his second win of the night and the South team are now up 4-0 in the race for fifty thousand dollars.
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