Season 2 Episode 1

Skid Car Race/Outlaw Demolition Derby Race

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • This was the first show of the new season and it is done so much better then the first season.. Having A north Vs. south theme was a great idea. Not only is there drama between racers but between teams also...

    More time and money when into the 2nd season and it really shows. The show has a professional look and feel to it. The interviews are all visually nice, informative and funny. The graphics, the sound effects, music and video is top notch. It does not look like it was shot on a handheld like the first season, they used hd this time around and it makes for better shots.

    Show one was a good icebreaker for people who never saw season 1. Alot going on but not to much to get lost. The show opened with a rock song and heavy drums with tons of action shots of cars crashing, school buses going 40 into the X of a figure 8 track slaming into the back of a crossing one and tons of other shots that make you think \"What the hell was that!\".

    The show opened with 5 of the top racers from season 1 on the track, as they meet the north team. At the start of the show Don (Race Organizer) tells them the Two races they will be doing that week. The first race was the \"skid car race\" where you take front wheel drive cars and replace the back tires with metal plates that spark the trake and cause the car to spin often... The other race is an \"Outlaw Truck derby\" where you take a running truck and do all you can to protect it and cause a hurting on the other trucks because derbys are nothing but smashing eachother till one is left.

    Right off the bat two racers from the the north team (D and Marty) have a power strugle after Marty got the 3 car tow truck stuck in the mud. It when on with how pour of a job Marty was doing as a leader. D calls a team meaning to get all his thoughts out and tell everyone what he thinks and what needs to happen....

    Fordzilla drops a car off and makes fun of the north team for getting the Tow truck stuck. There was some small drama between teams but mainly with-in the North team during show 1. Misty went to Fordzilla\'s place to work but mainly talked on the phone as everyone else worked on her stuff witch caused some problems.

    During the north team testing Nick kepted spining his skid car and could not get the hang out it. Kimmy then came out in her blue car and hardly losted control of her car till her 2nd lap, her skid fliped and ripped open the gas tank witch almost caused a fire but was stoped in time...

    To come up with where people will start in the races they have little games, this week was bowling. It mainly focused how Drunk Raybo got and was still able to do well....

    Chuck (Safety Chief) Did round and checked up on what everyone was working on.... Forzilla had turned his outlaw Truck into a linking log truck. He had put 4 telephone polls around his truck and Chuck thought it was alittle to much and unsafe. Fordzilla then told Chuck if he could not race, he would be using his truck to distory Chucks new one. They came to an understanding after Chuck moved his truck far away from Fordzilla\'s.

    The south team seemed to get there cars done without to much of a problem this time around. They showed alot of the north team working and how D was not getting along with everyone else. Im sure it will come up many times during the season.

    The show is really two half hour parts. The 1st is all building and drama between the teams and teamates. The 2nd is the races witch is really nice because you don\'t want a show about crazy races and show 90% of getting ready and only 10% the races them selfs...

    The races were pretty funny. People spining left and right, alot of rumming and alot of crashing..The south came away with both wins as Moe won both the race and the demo.That measn the south team after show one is ahead with a score 2 to 0. The next races are \"Side car race\" Where you have to weld an entire small car to the side of a full car and race them and a \"School bus race\" where they use old school buses and get up to 50 miles an hour around the track..