Season 2 Episode 1

Skid Car Race/Outlaw Demolition Derby Race

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2006 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • Outlaw Demolition Derby Results

      1. Moe
      2. Raybo
      3. Jimmy
      4. Marty
      5. Dee
      6. Nick
      7. Kim
      8. Demo Dave
      9. Misty
      10. Fordzilla

    • Skid Car Race Results

      1. Moe
      2. Nick
      3. Raybo
      4. Misty
      5. Kim
      6. Jimmy
      7. Marty
      8. Demo Dave
      9. Dee
      10. Fordzilla

  • Quotes

    • Dee: I don't give a rat's (bleep) if they don't want to work with me.

    • Fordzilla: (talking about Raybo) He's a redneck, a crazy redneck. You can't tell a crazy redneck nothing.

    • Moe: I like to hit people. I like to build stuff that lasts and I like to win.

    • Dee: (referring to Marty) He couldn't lead a pack of lemmings off a cliff.

    • Dee: Get off our turf!
      Fordzilla: Wait a minute, boy! This will never be your turf!

    • Raybo: Money's never meant nothing to me like it does this time.

    • Demo Dave: When I saw Chuck come out and hit that other truck, I was thinking ' This is what I'm here for! This is fun time now! '

    • Dee: The Southern boys, their chain is full of weak links and we're going to have to take the fifty grand from them and put them in their place. I'm going to knock the holy hell out of them!

    • Moe: (talking of first impression of North team) I think, off the bat, we're going to kick their butt!

    • Raybo: They're Yankees and we're Rebels. The North, the South, it's not gonna be a war/battle with black powder. It's gonna be a war/battle with rubber and tires, gas, engines....

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Monty Python's Flying Circus

      At one point, you can hear a few bars of the theme to the early 70's show Monty Python. Python was a British ensemble comedy series that used skits and physical humour extensively in its popular run.

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