Season 1 Episode 4

Down for the Count

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 2007 on ABC

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  • **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.** This week's topic is...sperm count. After a test that Leila supposedly said Gracen needed, he had a very high sperm count. And just for kicks, Laird got one with very disappointing results. **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.**

    Two things (as always) were storylines for this episode: the conflict between Gracen's and Laird's sperm count and where Dougie's son should go to preschool. Let's attack the first conflict. After Leila mentioning "the surgery," Gracen thinks he should get a sperm count test. And he does...but so does Laird. Trying to brag about how high his sperm count is, Laird gets a sperm count test with below average count for sperm. This results in Gracen, all of a sudden, becoming superior than him. But Laird recognizes that because of the lower count, he can have more sex. Preschool negotiation! Where should Dougie's son go to preschool? A very high class one, the Imagination place (ooh, how creative) or an average one that all of Aubrey's kids went to? This makes him feel very down in the dumps and results in Dougie