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ABC (ended 2008)

08 first fight

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    [1]Jan 23, 2008
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    This was a good one. I see Caroline's insanity peeking thru.

    Gave the perv what for, went after Mrs. Heimlich, just grinned & gritted her way thru telling Hubby he wasn't going to win the fight..

    Not sure if this may be Carolines insanity, the home is haunted by a neat freak, or the prop people are just saying hello..

    Check out the segment where Cindy tells her hubby, that she's NOT going to ever use a baby sitter with her baby.

    The throw pillow has a mind of it's own. Starts out in the middle of the couch, jumps to the right, goes back to the middle, and returns to the end.

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