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ABC (ended 2008)

How would you improve the show ?

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    [21]Feb 17, 2008
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    cbminfo wrote:
    Well it seems as I expected. I really didn't want to see this one end. But it doesn't even seem worth mentioning in the lists of those that are coming back, and not coming back. Cavemen seems to be in that same category. But then I'm not really looking for any info on cavemen so don't take my word for it not coming back. I have no idea, and couldn't care less. Really.. Who cares.. 3 hairy bachelors. Ok Allison, waiting for your next tv job. Though now married, she may be moving on..

    Both of these shows had a lot of promise... especially Cavemen. They need new writers (like the guys who wrote the Geico commercials).

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    cbminfo wrote:
    Family Matters: should have been renamed nerdy neighbor. Once Steve Urkel showed up it was all about him.

    I had no idea how accurate I was with this until I looked up Jo Marie Payton at IMDB. She went head to head with the producers to cut down on the Steve urkel stuff, they said no, so she walked.

    I believe she should have stayed, despite the heavy focus on Steve.

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