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Just some observations

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    Dating all the way back. Successful tv shows have one thing in common. They don't have a limited light bulb budget.

    Dawsons creek was an abnormality. They shot a lot of their scenes in the dark.

    7th Heaven another anomally. But it seems there's was they shot with 3 way bulbs on setting 1 or 2. Never opened up to 3 except for when Annie busted in on Matt telling ghost stories. Not a dry seat in the room in that scene.

    Carpoolers seems to be following along with this. They don't seem to have a bulb budget, and that's great. You can actually make out who's talking.

    But and here's the observation that throws me.

    Allison's been my Fav since 'that 70s show' psycho. And I didn't miss any of her episodes on Wilay.

    Now what's with her voice ? Not a problem with her hair. I think she is a brunette or a red head. No problem with her hair. She's cute as a button despite hair color.

    But this voice. It just no longer sounds like her..

    I know Hollywood is notorious for plastic surgery on every part of the body a camera can reach. But voice surgery ? She actually sounds like a different person. Not a smoker voice. Still has the high pitch, but it's different. Like she's straining to talk.

    Has anyone else noticed this with her ?

    And in case anyone missed it. I think I heard there's 13 total episodes already written for car poolers. so we should be able to get half a season of carpoolers.

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